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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 14,831

Journal Archives

Montana: Big Sky country at an environmental crossroads

Glad to see this story and hope for more like it. The people united ....

The fuels these proposed projects would transport are among the filthiest on earth, some scientists warn. Environmentalists argue that burning coal and Canadian tar sands oil could saturate the atmosphere with a critical amount of carbon dioxide — so much that the climate would heat up even faster than it is already warming. Many are calling the northwestern United States, with Montana at its heart, a carbon choke point — that is, a place where opponents might stop dirty fossil fuels before they can be burned.

Montana is "potentially a real cork in the carbon bottle," said author and activist Bill McKibben. "And it's a perfect illustration of the emerging, sprawling fossil-fuel resistance. It's necessarily centered in local concerns."


As a Montanan from birth until my 20s and with lots of family and friends there still, I know that people there share more than divides them - much as inside-the Beltway pundits and politicians of both parties aided and abetted by M$M - would like to dismiss all so-called "red" states without ever even trying to understand what can unite good people everywhere.

Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders are two who do try to understand. Fortunately, their number seems to be growing.

Reclaim Democracy! - A Good Source for General Corporate Activism and Information

While researching various issues for a course that I am preparing to teach, I happened upon this aptly-named website and just wanted to share it with like-minded DUers.

There are some excellent and informative articles on a variety of topics that affect us all in ways that we have not even imagined. In many ways, it's a one-stop shop for learning about how we must reassert citizen authority over corporations if we ever want to become a true democracy.

Bookmark and check in from time to time: Reclaim Democracy! http://reclaimdemocracy.org/

A dose of "Margaret and Helen" is a dose of pure sanity,

with humor added. Take some!


An example:

Four. Oh but for the love of God if Texas wasn’t dealing with enough crazy already with Rick Perry, we now have to deal with Ted Cruz. Now here’s a guy who talks in circles so effectively, it’s no wonder his head eventually ran into his ass. In an effort to show off his grasp of the situation, he had to go and bring Dr. Seuss into the mix. For the record Senator Cruz, the moral of Green Eggs and Ham is to try something new… you might like it. ... If brains were leather, Cruz wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.

If only these doses were more frequent! Each one is a treasure.

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