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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Switzerland
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 14,831

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The People v. Goliath$

I've been saying all along that the MT Senate race is a winnable one for the Dems. Even if we don't win, what is happening there is standing "good old boy" and "conventional wisdom" politics on its head. Dems everywhere should be taking notes ... and stiffening their backbones.

It's a grassroots race all the way, with Curtis getting most of her nearly USD 700,000 in contributions (raised in less than TWO months) from in-state contributors. She also sounds one heck of a lot like ... a combination of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

In the past two months, Curtis has traveled nearly 7,000 miles to introduce herself to Montanans and they like what they see. Huffington Post has noticed:

The beauty of this all happening in Montana is not confined to the state's unparalleled scenery. A century ago, Montana banned corporate campaign spending after the Copper King* era's gargantuan corruption. "Citizens United" revoked almost one hundred years of Montanans keeping corporate corruption at bay. Even given this kind of citizen activism, I've been surprised to discover that Montana's the closest to a functioning democracy of any state I've encountered. Stranger things can and do happen under those Big Skies than electing an underdog.

Candidate Curtis is no sacrificial lamb. She's adamant that she will be the next Senator from Montana. Here's a 35-year-old Butte high school math teacher who's proud to have made it to the middle class. She's committed to helping other people and families get -- or stay -- there too.

Why haven't we seen AMANDA CURTIS emblazoned on every other email? Beats me. At one stroke, she could be the key to Democrats holding the Senate, the first woman Senator from Montana (and only the second the state has ever sent to Washington) and meaningfully lower the average age of the Senate.


It is NOT an impossible dream. Yes. We. Can.

Fingers Crossed for Amanda ...

Can This 35-Year-Old Math Teacher Become the Youngest Member of the Senate?
If Curtis wins her election, she's already destined to stand out from the rest of the senators on the Hill and not just because she would be the first one sporting a nose ring. Curtis would be the youngest senator, having only turned 35 in September. And in a Senate that is 80 percent male, has an average age of 62, and is predominately filled by millionaires, Curtis would bring a vastly different set of experiences to the Capitol.

According to Curtis, that's exactly what makes her the right candidate for the job. "We all need to remember that Washington, D.C. is full of folks that have done incredibly well for themselves and when you send folks to Washington, D.C. who have done incredibly well for themselves, they take votes that tilt the playing field to the wealthy and against us regular working folk," she told the Montana Standard shortly after her nomination.

It's these same traits youth, a more mainstream economic background, and an ability to identify with working-class voters that make her a formidable challenger, even with just two-and-a-half months to campaign. (Daines will have spent a full year running for the office.)

It would be difficult to find two candidates more different than Curtis and Daines. She teaches math and has $23,500 in a retirement account as her sole financial asset. He's a former businessman whose tech startup was sold to Oracle and who has a net worth of between $8.9 million and $32.7 million. She supports abortion rights. He believes abortion should always be illegal, even if the pregnancy was a result of a sexual assault, and he cosponsored the "Life at Conception Act," which defines life as beginning at fertilization and will not only end abortion but many believe could make most forms of birth control illegal.


Of course, I'm not only crossing my fingers. I've contributed to her campaign, written to Montana family/friends to urge their support and will participate in telephone calls. The only thing that I can't do is vote in MT because my voting residence is in another state.
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