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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 03:34 PM
Number of posts: 3,164

Journal Archives

Crispy Homemade Flax Crackers Recipe (video)

This video is inspired by a Food Wishes video by Chef John where he made these crackers. We made ours a little spicier, but the basic technique is the same. It was shocking to us how simple and delicious these crackers are. Just whole flax seeds and water with a little bit of seasoning. We cut the salt just a little, and added a whole pepper pod, but there are a lot of different ways you could change the flavour profile for these. We really want to try some grated parmesan and dried basil and oregano.

These crackers are not completely neutral flavouring. Flax definitely has a flavour, so don't expect a completely neutral cracker like a Carr's Table Water cracker. We found that it did go extremely well with the cheese board, and matched well with both the soft and hard cheeses we had. Also, it is not necessary to make the cut marks in the crackers while it's baking. When you go to break it up, you'll get some irregular chunks instead of nice even crackers, so whatever you would prefer!

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Turnip and Beet Pickles Recipe - Shawarma Pickles (video)

It's been a while since we've done any pickling or preserving on the channel, so here are some amazing turnip and beet pickles! These are super easy to do, and extremely delicious. These bright pink or purple pickles are frequently referred to as shawarma pickles because they are often seen in Middle Eastern restaurants as a garnish or topping for shawarma or gyros. The bright pink colour comes from the (relatively) small amount of beet that you ferment in the brine with the turnip.

It's a very basic sort of pickle, and doesn't need a lot of flavour added. We used garlic, bay leaf, and mustard seed along with the hybrid vinegar/salt brine. What it DOES need is some time to ferment. We recommend that this sits out at room temperature, out of direct sunlight (keep it in the shade!) for 2-7 days. You need to be the judge of how long, based on how your pickles react. When they really start to bubble and there's a bunch of pink froth on top of your pickles, it's time to put it in the fridge!

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Homemade Potato Chips Recipe (video)

Super quick and simple one this week! We made some potato chips. Not a high concept or anything, but we do have a small comparison between slicing your chips thin and *super* thin. We prefer the super thin for a home kitchen, because you get that perfect crispness all the way through. A little thicker and you get a bit more potato flavour, but you need to fry them longer to get them crispy, and by the time the middle is crispy, the outsides might be a little overdone. Also, you don't need to par-cook your potatoes for this, but you really should soak them once they're sliced, and drain them thoroughly in order to gain maximum crispiness!

We just dust ours with a bit of salt (right out of the fryer, of course!), but you can season these however you want. You can even buy chip seasoning at the store if you want to put some salt and vinegar dust, or sour cream and onion, or even all-dressed! We were serving this with something, so we wanted them very plain, so just a little bit of salt is perfect. And you get to control the salt amount, too!

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Tres Leches Cake Recipe (video)

Another dessert! This time we're making Tres Leches cake! Tres Leches literally translates to "three milks" because after your cake has been baked, it goes into a rich and sweet soak comprised of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. This changes an otherwise unremarkable cake into a moist and rich cake with an amazing flavour profile. Now, we've cut back on the sugar for this a little bit, and even so it comes out very sweet (sweetened condensed milk is extremely sweet). That makes this a perfect accompaniment for things like fresh berries, or even a nice tart berry compote or lemon curd.

We wanted some variation in textures, so we didn't combine the batter until it was completely uniform. You certainly can mix it a little further than we did, but make sure not to knock all of the air out of your egg whites, or overwork the batter. Too much gluten production and the cake will come out a little rubbery. We also found that flipping the cake over after the second soak and before finishing off the soak mixture yielded excellent results. So very carefully slide a spatula under the cake and flip it over in its container if you can!

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Baja Fish Tacos Recipe (video)

This week we did Baja fish tacos! I know, not very holiday centric, but let's be honest, sometimes you want a break from lots of big rich meals around this time of year, and this light and zesty dinner is perfect! We used haddock, but this will work with any nice whitefish like tilapia or pollock. You could use cod, but it's such a delicate and delicious fish, this seems like a bit much for it. The real star of the show is the slaw, anyway. You've had beer battered fish before, it's how it comes together with the slaw and the slightly sweet and hot creamy sauce that makes this dish amazing.

The more authentic version of the sauce would be made with Mexican crema, but we used a really amazing local yogurt instead. Add to that a little bit of heat (our own homemade hot sauce) and some sweet (maple syrup instead of honey for us), and it comes together nicely. The slaw, too, adds an amazing texture and flavour. We used a very simple vinaigrette for the slaw and let it sit for a little while so the flavours had time to mingle. You want to cabbage to still be nice and crunchy and you don't want to overdress it.

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Mexican Wedding Cookies/Russian Tea Cookies Recipe (video)

This one is similar to the short bread we did last week with a couple of extra steps! These little round cookies are delicious little flavour bombs that are crispy, fluffy, and very sweet. To me, the flavour and aroma of these is the absolute distillation of Christmas baking. Sugar, butter, vanilla, and some nice toasted nuts. Now, they don't really spread out and turn into cookies. If you've done these correctly, they should basically stay as round little balls that are crispy and crumbly and go excellently well with the hot drink of your choice: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever!

If you want these to be perfectly frosted with powdered sugar, then you should really dust them twice. The first time when they're still quite warm (but not super hot), and the second time once they have cooled to room temperature. If you only do it once when they're still hot, they'll have some little spots where the sugar has sort of melted to the cookies. The second dusting will make them much more uniformly fluffy white. We didn't do this because it's a little too much sugar for us personally, but if you have a sweet tooth, by all means, you should go ahead with the second dusting of powdered sugar!

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Homemade Shortbread Recipe (video)

Just in time for Christmas baking! Shortbread is a super simple recipe and comes together very quickly. The real trick with shortbread is to not overbake it! You want just the barest blush of gold on your shortbread. If you overbake it, it can come out quite dry. You want it to be pleasantly crumbly when you bite into it, but not chalky and dry.

This is a super basic version of this recipe with the only flavouring being a bit of vanilla paste. I love vanilla paste, because you get to see the vanilla pips in your final bake. You can, however, add lots of different flavourings. Some pumpkin spice, or some chai spice would be delightful additions to this recipe. I've seen lots of variations with things like Earl Grey tea, or even citrus zest for a little zing.

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Homemade Ground Beef Chili Recipe (video)

Our recipe this week is a simplified version of our chili recipe that uses ground beef instead of a roast that we cut up and seared. It's a much easier recipe, and the end result is a really rich and delicious chili that is a perfect replacement for canned chili anywhere you might use canned chili. This is the same recipe we used for our frito pie recipe a few weeks ago. Best bet is to make a great big batch of this, and freeze it in smaller containers to bring out whenever you need a serving of chili for something.

Flavour-wise, it's the simple basic chili flavour profile. Chilies (including a dried chipotle for that smoky aroma), garlic, oregano, and cumin. You can add more or fewer peppers to this if you wish to make it hotter or milder. Also, have fun with your deglazing liquid once the beef is done. We used mezcal, which turned out quite delicious with a lovely savoury aroma, but you could use vermouth, red wine, or stock to maximize flavours. Also, if you don't have fresh oregano, you can definitely used dried for this recipe. You'd want to use a little less, and add it either around the same time, or possibly a bit later, depending on the impact you want it to have.

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Trout in Brown Butter Caper Sauce Recipe (video)

Sorry about that. I'll stop adding the affiliate link in these posts. I didn't realize that fell under the commercial spam rule. Apologies! I hope linking my Patreon is still okay.

The real star of the show on this one is the sauce. Butter sauces are a classic: They're packed with flavour and add a great deal of richness to just about any dish. They can, however, be a little temperamental and finicky! If you're not careful, they can break, which will leave a greasy oily puddle on your plate instead of a thick delicious sauce. So, important things to remember: Keep a close eye on them. Keep them moving. Use cold butter to finish. Serve them right away. All of these things will ensure that you have the best chance to keep the sauce from breaking.

Not many ingredients in this one. Butter, lemon juice, shallot, and capers. Getting the butter to the right colour before you get really going can be a bit of a trick. We probably could have gone a little darker for the brown butter portion, but it also goes from brown to burnt in a flash, so you don't want to wait too long. The darker you can get it, the more you'll get that delightful toasty aroma in the sauce. Because the other major flavour note in this sauce is lemon juice, it is perfect for fish and seafood. It goes extremely well with trout, as we did here, salmon, or even white fish like tilapia or even skate.

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