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Why a Marine dad was banned from his daughter's school for objecting to Islam essay



The studies included worksheets that ask the students to know The Five Pillars, the details about the early caliphate, that Islam was typically tolerant of other faiths (but no mention of the tax that non-believers were expected to pay)

I would argue that a comparable knowledge should be expected of the students of The Ten Commandments, The Great Commandment/Great Commission, Jesus, Paul, the early Christian church, Abraham, Moses, the early Jewish church along with other similar knowledge of other major religions.

Invisible fence in front yard

My daughter was walking my in laws lab while I had our border collie and aussie. We use five foot leashes. As we passed one house the lab strayed approximately 1-2 feet to the inside of the sidewalk. Another lab being controlled by the electric fence attacked our lab. The fence line was within one foot of the sidewalk. No injuries but very scary for us, and led to questions from the neighbor with the electric fence about incursion into their front yard.

I think it is insane to try to control your dog with an electric fence in the front yard. This is one reason. A child running through the yard would be another. Just be scared and forced into the roadway would be another. Also being scared and injuring yourself reacting to the dog charging the fence line.

I have done some research but I wonder what are the easement entitlements for pedestrians in the front yard? That brings up the second question of dogs who defecate/urinate on another person's property. All of our dog waste goes immediately into a bag. I guess I never gave it any thought before now. Dogs do what dogs do. It is actually illegal to walk on a roadway in our community when a sidewalk is available. I don't think a five foot leash is unreasonable. The shorter one (three foot) hurts my back.

Anyone have any opinions.

Alleged flamingo bandit made rap video about incident

It seems he is unaware of how much trouble he is in.

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