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Member since: Mon Nov 3, 2008, 07:28 AM
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Put on Qello concert video of John Mellencamp

Was going to listen as I fell asleep. It was actually some band called One Republic. Not amused. Discovered after hearing a song that really didn't sound like Mellencamp. Had to put my glasses on and look up the lyrics.

Well I guess I go with Bad Company instead.

Maryland bill would take Murder 1 off the table for those under 25 in certain situations

This is creating a bit of a firestorm in conservative circles. I happen to agree with them that this seems like a bad idea. The following bill would prevent a Murder 1 conviction if someone under 25 commits the murder in the commission of another crime like carjacking. This effectively reduces the maximum sentence from life to 40 years (Murder 2). The justification is that murder convictions disproportionately impact African Americans in Maryland when compared to the population and that younger minds have less ability to comprehend the results of their actions.

On the flip side the victims are far more likely to also be African American. I think this type of bill just devalues their lives. I want maximum deterrents in place for violent crimes like robbery and car jacking - shouldn't everyone?

From a purely political standpoint, does this type of bill help to garner additional votes or lose votes? The sponsor is a Maryland state Democrat Representative.

"Providing that a person who was under the age of 25 years at the time of the offense may not be found to have committed murder in the first degree if the charge is based on a murder committed in the perpetration or attempt to perpetrate a certain felony."


Purdy's record is even more impressive now that he isn't out there

The long time veteran out there is looking awful. So it is just about the weapons and scheme, and you can plug and play any QB.

Don't think so

Two versions of The Postman Always Rings Twice - SPOILER

I had never seen either movie or read the book. I watched both movies on HBOMax.


I find it hilarious that the second movie never even got to the point of the title (the explanation that Frank gives at the end of the first movie as he is preparing to be executed). In hindsight I probably should have reversed the viewing order - the problem with the ending of the second is that Cora's death scene has far less emotional impact if you know it is going to happen. Also hard to generate much sympathy for these unlikable characters. Kind of like Bridges of Madison County - I am all broken up that the wife is remembering fondly cheating on her husband - who was away with his daughters at the state fair.

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