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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2008, 08:50 PM
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A Possible Second Covid Shot Side Effects Prophylactic

I have several annoyingly uncomfortable co-morbidities and a post chemo weakened immune system that fueled trepidation about receiving my second Moderna shot. I live alone and the last thing I need is to feel really ill and incapacitated. So I got "proactive" and researched the really sparse recommendations that some say may help prevent or mitigate second shot adverse symptoms. Two suggestions stood out. (1) Eat raw fruits and vegetables (carrots celery tomato bananas apples etc.) BEORE your shot. (2) Drink COPIOUS amounts of electrolyte infused water immediately AFTER the shot (not before). Saturate yourself with like 16 to 32 ounces at a time, And keep it up.

I ate a tomato before leaving home for the shot and then munched on a zip lock baggie of celery sticks, baby carrots and an apple on the way. I had prepared bottles of electrolyte infused water by supercharging them with electrolyte power and chilling them in a cooler. A moment AFTER receiving my shot while waiting 15 minutes to leave I immediately downed 32 ounces of my concoction and started a second bottle when I got home. I kept it up.

I used Great Value HYDRATE ELECTROLYTE WATER 33.8 FL OZ which I spiked with additional PROPEL ELECTROLYTE GRAPE WATER BEVERAGE MIX from Walmart - substitutes are OK (Perhaps slight overkill - but who knows).

Bottom line - other than a slightly sore arm I had ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPTOMS. It's been a week since the second shot. Can't and don't claim that my regimen stopped the nasty symptoms many have reported here but it sure didn't hurt and being proactive before the fact just might help others.
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