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Member since: Fri Jan 2, 2009, 09:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,920

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Ask, you know how to pm right? click that pointy clickety thing ---- "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -JFK ----

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part of

why i posted this

it is an attempt to bring to front 'jury' hiding / tombstoning as a gang activity
for silly things.....to a discussion/end

i've been here a lot longer than i've posted
i've been here a lot longer than i've been a member (yes i can proovez that) as by my blog/2003 ish or so

whining about ooh this word offends me....look if that's the biggest issue you got...go sit with the teapartiers or in a corner or something... ya'll got whiny issues

my issues are 'i can't make enough' 'i work 60+ hours for less than 2k a month'
'i can't ever retire' 'i can pay obama care, just can't afford to use it'
'police stop me and slap me down, but won't protect me' and so forth...

so if a few bad words 'offend' you....take a flying fsck(linux file check) at a rolling donut (object of dough usually deep fried in a rotary motion)

Probably the wrong thread

I am probably stupid here
I'm most likely strange

let's get this right though

'bitch' 'cunt' 'dick' 'prick' 'fucker' are words, they don't hurt anyone to speak of
yes one can 'call in jury' on them

political discussion will cause 'heat'...DEAL!

can't DEAL?
probably fox news is better for you...all same same

and this is probably my tombstone
sad...after 15 years of lurking but i'm so pissed at the 'we gotta alert on this' instead of 'fix the issues irl'

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