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Paul E Ester

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Member since: Tue Jan 13, 2009, 12:46 PM
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Religious ecstasy

Religious ecstasy is an altered state of consciousness characterized by greatly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness which is frequently accompanied by visions and emotional/intuitive (and sometimes physical) euphoria. Although the experience is usually brief in time,[1] there are records of such experiences lasting several days or even more, and of recurring experiences of ecstasy during one's lifetime. Subjective perception of time, space and/or self may strongly change or disappear during ecstasy.


From a comment on the video:
These guys are Sufi, the mystical branch of Islam, they're in Chechnya, and they are performing a type of Zikr, a type of meditation which can take many forms; singing, dancing, whirling, drumming, or anything that induces a trance state.

Amazing video.

Ex-official: Government agents behind Nigeria bombings

"Master plan" underway to help Syria rebels take Damascus with U.S.-approved airlifts of heavy weapo

Mideast powers opposed to President Bashar Assad have dramatically stepped up weapons supplies to Syrian rebels in coordination with the U.S. in preparation for a push on the capital of Damascus, officials and Western military experts said Wednesday.

A carefully prepared covert operation is arming rebels, involving Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, with the United States and other Western governments consulting, and all parties hold veto power over where the shipments are directed, according to a senior Arab official whose government is participating. His account was corroborated by a diplomat and two military experts.

Saudi Arabia and other regional powers have been arming Syria's rebels for months, but the scale and coordination with the West -- and the suggestion by the AP's sources that the effort is linked to a plan for the rebels to try and seize Damascus -- represents a potentially significant escalation in the civil war.

The Arab official said the number of arms airlifts has doubled in the past four weeks. He did not provide exact figures on the flights or the size of the cargo. Jordan opened up as a new route for the weapons late last year, amid U.S. worries that arms from Turkey were going to Islamic militants, all four told The Associated Press in separate interviews. Jordan denies helping funnel weapons to the rebels.


One arrest in Facebook childporn scandal

A York City woman and a mother of four charged with child pornography told police she posted a video depicting the sexual assault of a very young girl on Facebook to alert parents of "pervs" out there, according to charging documents.

However, a West York Police patrolman said Tabitha Mae Munoz-Martinez, 26, should have called police instead of distributing the video online.
West York Police were alerted to the video after a borough resident found it on Munoz-Martinez's Facebook page, which is under the name of Tabbi Luvinmykids Babyluv, about 11 p.m. Monday and called police.


About two hours after the video was discovered, police questioned Munoz-Martinez. She told Mendez she found the video on her news feed, which shows what friends post on the social networking site, and thought about calling police after viewing it, documents state.

Instead, she downloaded the video and posted it on her Facebook page along with a comment stating how disgusting it is. Several other people also commented on the video, police said.

Munoz-Martinez told police she posted the video "to make parents aware of the 'pervs' that are out there" but then deleted it, documents state.

She also told police she saw the video on Facebook pages belonging to several other people, but officers were unable to locate it.

Anyone know why facebook has not announced that the people who shared the video and "liked" the video had their accounts suspended and have been referred to law enforcement? The only reason this woman was arrested was someone on her feed called the cops, and they saw the video before facebook deleted it.

Did facebook delete the evidence of a crime? Is commenting on a child porn clip by saying "thats disgusting", which then shows up in all your other friends feeds sharing child porn? I think there should be zero tolerance for child porn and if you find it on facebook step away from the keyboard and call the cops.

Shame of the deserters

OF ALL the men who took up arms in the Second World War, Private Eddie Slovik was surely the unluckiest. Nearly 150,000 Allied soldiers deserted but the 25-year-old ex-convict from Detroit, Michigan, was the only one to face the firing squad.

In 1944, as the war still hung in the balance and his colleagues in the 28th Infantry Division were suffering heavy casualties, he refused to fight. Slovik told his superiors that he preferred prison but unfortunately his appeal against "death by musketry" happened to coincide with a German counter-offensive known as the Battle of the Bulge.

His execution, ratified by General Dwight D Eisenhower, was meant to send a strong message to any other soldiers considering desertion.

The mental collapse and desertion of tens of thousands of men - the equivalent of 10 army divisions - reached near epidemic proportions in Europe in the Second World War.


Student 'advertised a mock rape sex fantasy on Craigslist then claimed to have been abducted...

abducted and attacked'.

A student who advertised a sex fantasy on Craigslist involving a mock rape has been arrested after she later claimed to have been abducted and attacked.

Police launched a search for an alleged attacker who wore a ski mask after Mary Kate Gullickson claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault.

The 20-year-old psychology major told police in Fargo, North Dakota, that she had been forced into a vehicle and raped before being dropped back at a parking lot at the North Dakota State University.

Campus police launched a hunt for the attacker while warning other female students to be on their guard.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2301119/North-Dakota-college-student-Mary-Kate-Gullickson-advertised-mock-rape-sex-fantasy-Craigslist-arrested.html

Berlin Jewish Museum’s ‘Jew in the Box’ Exhibit - Some people are not happy about this

To help educate postwar generations, an exhibit at the Jewish Museum features a Jewish man or woman seated inside a glass box for two hours a day through August to answer visitors’ questions about Jews and Jewish life. The base of the box asks: “Are there still Jews in Germany?”

“A lot of our visitors don’t know any Jews and have questions they want to ask,” museum official Tina Luedecke said. “With this exhibition we offer an opportunity for those people to know more about Jews and Jewish life.”

But not everybody thinks putting a Jew on display is the best way to build understanding and mutual respect.

Since the exhibit — “The Whole Truth, everything you wanted to know about Jews” — opened this month, the “Jew in the Box,” as it is popularly known, has drawn sharp criticism within the Jewish community — especially in the city where the Nazis orchestrated the slaughter of 6 million Jews until Adolf Hitler’s defeat in 1945.



Meet Ahmed, 8-year-old Free Syrian Army soldier from Aleppo

It is one of the most shocking images from the Syrian war. An eight-year-old boy draws deeply on a cigarette, the small fingers of his other hand clutching a an AK-47 rifle that balances awkwardly against his chest.

His parents killed, he's adopted by the FSA who hand him an AK and put him on the front lines. The framed shot at the end was incredible, a thousand-yard stare from an 8 year old.

Can you hear me now? Feds admit FBI warrantless cellphone tracking ‘very common’

Source: Washington Times.

FBI investigators for at least five years have routinely used a sophisticated cellphone tracking tool that can pinpoint callers’ locations and listen to their conversations — all without getting a warrant for it, a federal court was told this week.

The use of the “Stingray,” as the tool is called, “is a very common practice” by federal investigators, Justice Department attorneys told the U.S. District Court for Arizona Thursday, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Installed in an unmarked van, Stingray mimics a cellphone tower, so it can pinpoint the precise location of any mobile device in range and intercept conversations and data, said Linda Lye, staff attorney at the ACLU of Northern California in a blog post about the case.

In a rare public discussion of federal electronic surveillance capabilities and authorities, Justice Department lawyers told the court hearing that, instead of a warrant, the FBI operates Stingray and other cellphone-mimicking technology under the authority of “pen register” orders. These court orders, also known as “tap and trace” orders, are generally issued to allow investigators to collect only so-called “metadata” — like all phone numbers calling to or called from a particular number.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/29/feds-fbi-warrantless-cell-tracking-very-common/

Iowa Newspaper Criticized For Publishing Map Showing Schools With No Security

The Des Moines Register is being criticized for publishing online a map that shows which public school districts in the state have security and which ones do not.

The interactive map, which has since been pulled down from the website, showed red dots indicating which schools did not have guards and green dots to show which schools did.

Security experts were shocked that a major newspaper would publish such a map.

“It is difficult to understand why the Des Moines Register would publish an interactive map that identifies names and locations of schools in which our children are most vulnerable to potential attack,” Charles Segars, a safety and security expert with OPSEC Alliance Partners, said in a press release.

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