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Wait...you mean the house of cards economy, built on the backs of labor is soft?



The facts are that no one knows what to do in this situation because no one is asking or considering the right questions. IF you're goal is to temporarily stabilize the status quo system in the hopes of returning to "business as usual" soon, then the correct things to do are to:

1) freeze all foreclosures and simply add on an extra month of payments or restitution for the number of months of protection/stagnation this requires; keep people in homes, keep businesses in place and keep from a destructive momentum that would wipe out jobs, businesses and local economies simply to grant landlords the titles and restitution in the face of this disaster. During this time landlords and debt holders could be provided with principal payments, but would have to forego interest payments until the economy is restarted...we're trying to keep people and businesses WHOLE, not ENGORGED or MAXIMALLY PROFITABLE...

2) provide direct financial assistance to the public only when it is done as a pass-through for wage replacement on a sliding scale that basically provides all workers (and bosses and owners) Federal Minimum Wage benefits for the duration of the shut down...I'm sure many people would be wishing that $15/hr. minimum had gone through, but we can put a floor under people, not necessarily the entire structure though...

3) Criminalize ANY profiteering, price gouging, or stock buy back style executive enrichment during this time AND for the immediate 6 months after the crisis abates...those at the top are going to have to share in the pain of those at the bottom if we want to retain a civilized society and not fall into a totalitarian nightmare or dystopian anarchy in many areas. This is being bandied about as a 'war footing', well war profiteering was one of the ugliest charges a person could face in the 1940's, so it should be treated the same here and now...

4) Food distribution and the food preparation and delivery system should be prioritized to kick in as soon as the need becomes overwhelming...like now or next week at the latest; one of the ways to help people in this time of need is to eliminate the worry of where the next meal is coming from...keeping people from being overcome by fear is a great challenge, but keeping HUNGRY people from mob violence and social disintegration is even harder still. I have heard literally NOTHING about this challenge from anyone in Congress or the office of POTUS or the media for that matter...this is a major oversight and needs to be addressed ASAP...

5) Medical care for non-COVID19 patients...if nothing else, this crisis is shining a very ugly spotlight on the shortcomings of the medical system in the USA - the "best in the world"...supplies are critically under stocked and under produced to pretend like they are any other commodity unit in a business warehouse textbook. You cannot have the 'best in the world' ANYTHING without the 'Best in the World PLANS and CONTINGENCIES"...nurses, practitioners, aides and staff are being run through a wringer right now because admins and bean counters values PROFITS over PEOPLE (not solely their fault...it is endemic to the entire economic system). Without a massive allocation of resources to these hospitals and clinics and offices, there will be suffering and deaths and a ripple effect through the overall economy and society.

And that's just to duct-tape this whole thing together long enough to GET TO THE NEXT PHASE - rebuilding a NEW economy from the ashes of this one... This idea that Trump (or ANYONE) could simply decree that things go 'back to normal' ignores the very reason this thing is as bad as it is - FEAR. Yelling at a scared animal is not going to make them do what you want them to...and demanding that "the economy be restarted" is not something the President can make happen...open the doors? Maybe...get people to gladly risk infection for the profits of someone else? Doubtful...

This is an opportunity for bold proposals and policy ideas to come forth and to redesign a new economy for Q3-2020 and beyond, a new start on how governments, people and businesses SHOULD interact and staff and stock; as well as a thorough review of the impacts of this on the current economy to enhance building a new one from its ashes. Anyone else holding their breath waiting for THAT outcome? Didn't think so....

This should be the extinction of Billionaires...their time is passed...

This is an inflection point in human history. I know, I know...over the top...nutty talk....conspiracy muck-a-muck...

I am serious.

This is a once in every 80 years chance to reset the economic model, to simply change the system and start in a new direction. This is not going to set off a recession, we are going straight to depression and its going to be brutal, but the end HAS TO BE an empowerment of WORK and WORKERS and SOCIETY and a sidelining or devaluing of CAPITAL, WEALTH CONCENTRATION and OWNERSHIP.

COVID-19 has exposed the lie at the heart of the global economy - namely that 'trickle down' anything is a good thing or a viable option in an interconnected world. Wealth concentration is simply going to HAVE to give way to Wealth confiscation and mandatory societal redistribution. It is going to be that, or it is going to be bloody, pointless war in an effort to prop up a dead philosophy - unregulated, unfettered capitalism.

Certain sectors are waaaay over due for a purge and re-prioritization:

Making money off of leveraging money over other human beings? This is not going to end well for them...usury laws are going to come back in a very, very large way. People currently holding worthless IUOs of unsecured debt (credit card companies, vampire-like student loan debts) are going to be forced to take a severe haircut in both their wealth and their status within a healthy society...I'm sorry, but this has happened before - to my dad. In the 1960's, he made the choice to obtain an engineering degree and went to work for one of the top companies in the country at the time - Bethlehem Steel, a Fortune 500 juggernaut of the 1960's economy. Fast forward to the 1990s...after a lifetime dedicated to the company and the industry, domestic steel bankruptcies cut my father's retirement assets and benefits to pennies on the dollar and forced him into early retirement...he was NOT alone, as an entire industry shed "legacy costs" and cut or dropped promises to employees, retirees and those who helped build this nation...

Well bankers, guess for whom the bell tolls now?

Profiteering off of human misery - whether in property loss, health care denial and rationing or disasters?
Ghoulish and doomed for relegation to the ashcan of history. We need nationalized healthcare to provide a viable response for emergent disease and for an aging population and a debt-riddled youth. This is an abomination to force people into bankruptcy for health care or for simple bad luck in diseases or accidents or both. This extends to other forms of insurance too - home, auto, fire, unemployment? There is never a single instance where I have know people to tell me how much they LOVE their insurance billing process or benefit approval reviews.

Real Estate?
Placing value in land ownership over social preparation for catastrophe? That dog won't hunt any longer... Rent is astronomical and pricing many people out of downtown areas and into exurbs and 2 hour commutes - 1 way! The land is not for one person or one group or one hedgefund to "own"...it is part of the national character and a natural benefit to the people of the nation and those we invite to join us through a fair and sane immigration policy...

The F.I.Re. sector of the economy is dominant in attention, political clout and portion of the pie they consume, hoard and keep. It is not time to abandon all capitalism - small businesses need protection and government intervention to promote local employment and local distribution of food and circulation of capital. Once the unearned, non-productive "profits" of these leaches is clawed back and then reinvested into a new economic model.

This was the kind of environment that spurred FDR's New Deal - and many ideas they tried then failed miserably, but they kept at it and kept at it and kept at it and totally transformed the world in the offing. The alternatives - fascism and totalitarianism were ascendant; but they were beat back and an unprecedented boom in the economy was achieved - WITH a top marginal tax bracket of 90%!

WE have done it before, We, the people, need to do it once more to save this experiment in self-rule again.

Thank you to the heart donors that have graced me this year...

The gesture is appreciated and felt more than ever in these trying and depressing times...again, thank you for the kindness in a world of so much hate, it is warming to the soul!

Creative types, help with suggestions for a monument...

Once the cowards and craven GOP opportunists acquit Trump by failing to convict on all articles of Impeachment, it will be absolutely imperative to create a monument to stand on the National Mall and name names and point out who is responsible for the attempted destruction of the Constitution.

The names are already known - Nunes (and his cow), McConnell, Graham, Gym Jordan, Kennedy, and the rest... I figure a design inspired by the Vietnam Memorial may be appropriate too...to tally the number of KIA for Ukraine, especially those killed in forward areas without adequate weapons or arms and also the number of dead to come in the tumultuous future they are seeding.

So what say you creative souls? I intend to start working on this project as soon as the impeachment vote to convict fails, so we have about a month or two to work with here...

Moscow Mitch's Nightmare scenario...

1) Trump is impeached.
2) Pressure builds as more and more articles are voted out...
3) GOP support for Trump evaporates.
4) Pence is also caught-up in Ukrainian corruption and dirty dealing for porfits.
5) Pence is also impeached before he can be seated as POTUS.
6) Pelosi ascends to POTUS
7) Thomas ends up failing health and leves SCOTUS
8) Pelosi immediately nominates Garland to his rightful seat.
9) RBG decides to retire under President Pelosi and is replaced with a 38 year old liberal woman.

Now, of course Moscow Mitch would try to block any SCOTUS appointments (even though he said THIS year that if an opening comes up, 'we would fill it')...and the calculus for removing Trump is entirely based on NEVER allowing President Pelosi to become reality...but damn would that be sweet retribution to the Republicans that sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver!

How to "fix" America in one move...

I have thought about dozens of things that could make America functional again as a governing concept...things like term limits, public funding of elections, public funded healthcare options, etc....but one thing can make it all moot over night.

A requirement that the Congress - House AND Senate - operate under a wealth cap - similar to the idea of a salary cap in sports terms, but in this case an overall Congressional mandate to reflect the distribution of wealth in the country through the make up of the Congress.

The chances of this happening? Absolutely ZERO...the power structure of this country would NEVER allow themselves to be removed from power in such a drastic and immediate way...but if the required congress had only 5% or fewer millionaires, there would be a whole new outlook on EVREYTHING the next day...

Translating Trumpanzee (an attempt to make sense of the senseless...)

An actual Trump response to a question about whether or not he cares that white nationalists (NEO-NAZIs and violent racists) find common cause with his words (followed by excerpts attempting to clarify or amplify the voices in his head:

It doesn’t concern me,because many people agree with me, and all I’m saying, they want to leave, they can leave now.

Translation: FUCK YOU...I hate all minorities and refuse to even say that they are equal to ME...no one is on my level, and really only the people that I am fleecing for membership dues at my clubs are even worth acknowledging...

It doesn’t say leave forever. It says leave, but what it says and what that, John, what that says is if they’re not happy with the United States, if they’re doing nothing but criticizing us all the time, you see these people walking down criticizing the United States...

Translation: I don't really care, do u? Wasn't is great when my super sexy, so totally in love with me because of ME and only ME (not my money or the spending she gets to do with other people's money on my grift) wore that to the border concentrati....er detention centers last year? God she is hot, almost as hot as my daughter, but we can't say that now...oh, yeah, those meddlesome brown women again...all I was saying is "love it or leave it", they would have totally been into me too in Vietnam era, probably too in love with Trump and my own VD-war to actually complain, but then, I mean, we all know that I am probably the best non-soldier maybe in the history of our country or even Western Civilization. But, yeah...love it or leave it and that means love Trump or get out.

we just hit the highest stock market in history. All of these incredible manufacturers that are in, these are great business people, they employ many people and we have workers with us too. They’re having the best year they’ve ever had. Can I say that, is that a correct statement?”

Translation: *(inner voice) Oh, shit. I am so bored with this question I have forgot what the fuck it was about in the first place...well, time to brag on Trump then...*
Yeah, so like Obama sucked and Trump is making this all happen as if the economy I inherited was the same as what Obama ran into back in 2009. Great, great great things are happening again in stocks and maybe I'm hearing bonds too, markets are great things and you may have heard Trump is causing the greatest market that anyone has ever even heard of...I am so awesome, so please bow down to me and make me feel loved for no payments for a change...

Look forward to your return good sir!

best wishes for speedy recovery

Why does the press allow this?

Trump today made a fool of himself further on the Charlottesville failures of himself and his administration, but the REAL story is the nonsense he spouts and NEVER gets challenged on from the press...

Josh Rogin

Trump on Robert E. Lee: "Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals." Then claims active duty generals told him Lee was their "favorite general."

8:44 AM - Apr 26, 2019

OK, so first off EVERYONE knows is a favorite trope of Trump's sick mind...right up there with literally everything he touches, talks about or is involved with being the "greatest/biggest of all-time, maybe perhaps in forever".

That is bad enough, but it is more of a verbal tic than an affront to the truth any more...we KNOW he is a pathological liar and narcissist, but the bolded part above is what bugs me more...

WHO are these "active duty generals"?
Will they confirm that they met with you to discuss Civil War generals and monuments?
Where are they stationed?
Do these "active generals" frequently converse with the President regarding non-military mission topics?
Did they offer this up to you or were you asking them leading questions?
Under what conversation did the President of the United States engage the generals of the people's army in spit-balling about Robert E. Lee, the Civil War and ranking of US generals in history?
Did any of them seem to be on the verge of secessionist reverence for the criminal Lee?
Who was their second favorite general - Stonewall Jackson, Benedict Arnold (ok...NOT a general, but you understand the question, right?)?
What was their position on Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan leadership and generals? (somewhat more contemporaneous concerns of note for an active duty to discuss and opine on for his Commander in Chief, no?

Challenge that bucket of pus to NAME NAMES when he lies like that, make him stammer, make him retreat, make him angry, make him look like the fool he is...STOP letting him say patently untrue things to your faces and then act like it was not a lie. 10,000+ lies in 2+ years and ZERO guts from the assembled "media". These people are lucky I am not their editor or boss, they'd be out on their asses and unemployable in the industry for being such hacks.

Yeah, biased media? What a load of shit...

ActBlue link for donations to Pete's campaign...

It is simple to get it online for now.
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