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Member since: Thu Feb 19, 2009, 01:25 PM
Number of posts: 22,007

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GOTV 2014 in Nevada (NV) Day 6 EV. Two-county totals 10/23/14 Reps lead 2,851 votes

Unofficial NV SoS Results - Day 6 (SoS has not posted cumulative PDF for today) Link is their exe2zip executable.

The Clark numbers cumulative (early/mail):
Democrats -- 30,655, or 39.7 percent (down 471% or 124,789 votes from 2012**) In other words, every DEM who votes has the weight of ~5, for every other DEM who hasn't voted yet. ***
Republicans -- 33,506, or 43.4 percent (down 353% or 97,878 votes from 2012)
Others -- 12,964, or 16.7 percent
- Jon Ralston Reports

Republis lead - 2,851
Clark County (Las Vegas) - REPS +736
Washoe County (Reno) - REPS +2,115

Avg: REPS +476/day

If democrats had as many votes in 2014 as they had by the 5th EV day in 2012, the election would be over and every democrat on the ballot would be headed for a win, in a landslide. We're not there yet, but we're working on it!

Who & what to vote for in Washoe County, easy as 1-2-3 - My recommendation for an easy 5 minute EV
Kristen Spees - DEM
Robert "Bob" Goodman - DEM
Lucy Flores - DEM
Kate, Marshall -DEM
Kim Wallin - DEM
Andrew Martin - DEM
Ross Miller - DEM
Niklas Putnam - IND
County Assessor - NONE*
Bobee Clark - DEM
District Attorney - NONE*
Chase D McKenna - DEM
Robert Twonsent - DEM
County Treasurer - NONE*
NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES ==> Supreme Court Justice Seat B
NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES ==> Supreme Court Justice Seat D

Cliff J Young or Cynthia LU - Both are (NP) DEMS
Doug Rands - (NP) DEM
Keith J. Tierney - (NP) DEM
Caren Cafferata-Jenkins - (NP) DEM
John P Springgate - (NP) DEM
Tim Kuzanek - (NP) lesser of two evils.
Hillary Schieve - (NP) Endorsed by another DEM
Naomi Duerr - (NP) DEM
Bonnie Weber - (NP) DEM
Brett Kandt - (NP) DEM
Gene Drakulich - (NP) only candidate, seems okay
Question 1: NO
Question 2: YES
Question 3: NO [optional]

* Partisan offices left blank due to Republis as the only partisan candidates.
** According to the numbers I posted last election on DU. I didn't produce numbers for 2010.
*** As I explain to voters on the phone bank (PB), your mid-term election vote has 5x the weight as it did in the 2012 election and going up.
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