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FDA and I believe tRump limit resource to sterile masks in Ohio...WHY???


They can sterile 160,000 a day! FDA limits this to only 10,000 a day...This is soooo wrong! People are dying!


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday sharply criticized the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for granting only limited use of a new mask-cleaning technology developed by an Ohio research firm, saying the decision would harm the nation’s fight to protect front-line medical workers against the coronavirus.
DeWine had touted the new technology, developed by Battelle, at a Saturday news conference, saying his administration was pushing the FDA to approve its use in Ohio and three areas hit hard -- Seattle, New York and Washington D.C. The firm said it could sterilize up to 160,000 respirator masks per day in Ohio alone.

But the FDA only granted Battelle permission to clean masks at its Columbus headquarters, and only 10,000 per day.

“The FDA’s decision to severely limit the use of this life-saving technology is nothing short of reckless,” DeWine said in a statement. “Battelle’s innovative technology has the capability to protect healthcare professionals and first responders in Ohio and across the country, but in this time of crisis, the FDA has decided not to support those who are risking their lives to save others. This is a matter of life and death. I am not only disappointed by this development, but I’m also stunned that the FDA would decline to do all it can to protect this country’s frontline workers in this serious time of need.”

DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted will “continue fighting for increased use of this life-saving technology,” the governor’s office said in its statement.> END

ONA...COVID 19 Update 03/28/2020:

Ohio Nurses Association
2 hrs ·

The governor makes several public pleas today, including to the FDA to approve Battelle’s mask sterilization machines and for companies to donate or produce PPE. Plus, there are 1,406 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ohio.

More summary information from the March 28, 2020 update from Governor DeWine and ODH Director, Dr. Amy Acton:

• Ohio has 1,406 confirmed cases of COVID-19 spanning 66 counties with 344 hospitalized. Of those hospitalized, 123 are in the ICU. There are 25 fatalities with an age range of 58 to 93. The total age range is less than 1 to 96 with a median age of 52.

• Senator Sherrod Brown joined through teleconference. He said there needs to be a massive coordinated effort between private and public companies to get healthcare workers the PPE they need.

• Battelle Labs is one of the great assets in Ohio. They have developed new technology to sterilize surgical masks, which is a true breakthrough. They will be able to sterilize 80,000 masks per day per machine once this is approved by the FDA. Ohio will have two machines. They also have machines ready to go for Seattle, New York and Washington D.C. The governor made a public appeal to the FDA to please approve this because there are healthcare workers who need these masks. This would significantly boost our capacity. This is a matter of life and death and we need to protect the people who are risking their lives every single day.

• Ohio is lucky to Lab Corp and Quest to do COVID-19 testing. The governor made a public appeal to get the state back the test results quickly.

• The governor recapped the Cleveland Clinic’s new projection of seeing 2-3x the bed capacity and that we will hit peak mid-May. The state divided hospitals into 8 regions and plans from these regions were submitted to the governor this morning. The governor’s team will review and get back with the hospitals for their final draft to be submitted on Monday.

• We can only get through this if the hospitals come together and have a plan, operate from the same plan and work together. The state is asking the hospitals to look at their community partners as resources. For example, using nursing home space for people who do not have COVID-19.

• The governor is asking churches to stop having in-person services.

• The governor talked about the real shortage of PPE. This is cloves, mask, goggles, gowns, face shields and other essential items to keep those on the frontline – the real heroes – safe. The governor has heard from many nurses about their fear of not having the equipment they need. Ohio received our share from the national strategic stockpile and like with other states, it was simply not enough.

• The governor is pleading with businesses who can donate or produce the following PPE to email Matt Damschroder at together@governor.ohio.gov: surgical gowns, surgical masks, gloves, N95 masks, isolation gowns, face shields, Tyvek coveralls, Thermometers, foot coverings, ventilator tubing. It takes a total of 66 pieces of PPE for one patient per day. We must conserve and have this life-saving gear. More information can be found on the state’s coronavirus website.
• Dr. Acton is asking for the community to help the elderly with yard work, getting supplies etc.

• Ohio’s PBS stations are offering educational TV for students beginning tomorrow. You can find our more on the state’s coronavirus website.

• The state is looking at re-usable ventilators and how to have more than one person on a ventilator.

• A reporter asked about the mental health stressors on healthcare workers and if the state will address this. The governor heard this, and believes one of the biggest stressors is the PPE and that is why he is making the plea for more PPE. Dr. Acton said the state is actively looking at ways to support healthcare workers. Dr. Acton expressed her deepest gratitude and acknowledges the trauma.

***There is not a press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

Ohio COVID-19 Update: 03/26/2020

Posted by Ohio Nurses Association:

At our peak, we could see 6,000 to 8,000 new cases of COVID-19 per day. Plus, Dr. Acton unveils Ohio’s first modeling curve and there are 867 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ohio.
More summary information from the March 26, 2020 COVID-19 update from Governor DeWine and ODH Director, Dr. Amy Acton:
• There are 867 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ohio spanning 60 counties with 15 confirmed fatalities. 223 hospitalizations, with 11% in the ICU. The age range for those in the ICU is 23 to 92. 17% of those infected are healthcare workers. The age range is less than 1 to 94. There have been 17,316 tests conducted.
• Weddings and funerals are permissible under the stay-at-home order. The state is asking, though, to not have large gatherings. Many people are postponing receptions, for example, until after the order is lifted.
• The state spoke with hospital CEOs and are organizing procedures, expanding capacities and infrastructure. The governor suspects we will have to double capacity.
• The state has developed an email for those who want to help or donate. Use this email: Together@governor.ohio.gov.
• ODH has created a new interactive dashboard on their website with transparent information.
• Dr. Acton showed the first modeling curve for Ohio. (image in comments) The orange curve is if we did not interventions. The blue curve is with the mitigated actions we have taken. The actions we have done have lessened the burden on the healthcare system by 50% to 75%.
• At our peak surge, we could be looking at 6,000-8,000 new cases per day. We will exceed our healthcare capacity, but what we are doing will still absolutely save lives.
• Dr. Acton also presented the anticipated PPE needs in mitigated vs. unmitigated circumstances. (graph in comments)
• We will go beyond our current hospital capacity.
• A COVID-19 patient is in the hospital for up to 20 days.
• Unemployment claims: Ohio has over 187,000 claims. In all of 2019, Ohio had 369,000 claims.
• It is projected that 40% to 70% of us will get this virus over the course of this year.
• In building capacity, we could see COVID-19 hospitals as a way to pool resources and equipment. We are turning our capacity into capacity for the sickest.

Why is the "Testing for COVID-19 for all " being ignored?

The Italian and Asian approach was to test, quarantine, retest again and quarantine....US....not at all organized...Still, testing is being a challenge to get! Many exposed healthcare workers can't even get tested...Why is this? Do I need a tinfoil hat?

All this ranting about ventilators...

Maybe we will get 20,000 to 40,000 more ventilators...great....but...lets look at what is needed to operate the ventilator...

A skilled medical professional/ Nurse, Respiratory therapist....this is a small group of individuals who know how to set-up/monitor a ventilator...it is not like plugging in a toaster...It requires ongoing, 1:1 management...maybe 1 Nurse could handle 3 patients...maybe...it's complicated...

The ventilator is attached to a breathing tube that enters the patients lungs/ intubation or a trach ...this requires suctioning with sterile tubing/ suction catheters...patient also will require oral suctioning...the ventilator requires oxygen set at prescribed delivery rate, and pressure of lung inflation...the ventilator tubing, suction catheters, well we will need millions of them...if we don't even have masks, how do we know if we have the ventilator support supplies required for this magnitude of patients?

Another concern....critical management of a ventilator client is needed, cardiac monitors, LABS such as blood gasses wherein the blood is drawn from an artery, a deep sterile stick...ventilator effectiveness and blood Ph is the key data with blood gasses...a must for living stuff. This requires FAST lab results and a lab staff/ equipment to obtain the blood gasses and by the way...drawing a blood gas is typically a very skilled challenge.... radial/brachial or femoral sites...yea it's a little deep. 'OUCH".

So, we don't hear anything about this complex support level for life...staff and equipment... This can go on...realize the patient will have other clinical compromising conditions to balance...hypertension, cardiac, renal, diabetes and "new infections/bacterial...it goes on....

**** Realize...the Nurse/ Therapist are "on-hands" face to face with an active COVID-19 patient...effective PPE is essential....any break in protection barrier opens up an opportunity for the Nurse/Therapist to become infected...effective PPE not home made stuff...the home made gear for 1:1 ventilator patient is not protective...only a cosmetic image...

Just adding a little more visual to the big picture....

Soooo it shall soon be " Survival of the Fittest in 2 weeks...

It is survival of the fittest plan... I sense he is saying to America...he has no more time to waste on loosing re-election votes..." Let the people fall as they may".

This is chaos he does not like, crisis is too time consuming.....so, then, lift the precautions...if you die, you die...Is that what anyone else understands???? Am I hearing he is down playing it..???

Now, they are talking about IVIG/ gamma globulin for " some immunity boosting....Well...I have said for a few days, he probably is receiving IVIG infusions....prophylactic was my guess...Just a speculative thought....I give this medication as an Infusion Specialist...Hope now that we don't have a shortage...my current clients could suffer if the drug goes to the rich...

Probably why they are pushing for blood donations...That is where we get IVIG...Plasma Centers typically but who knows if they use the blood donors blood too.

I feel that this "Upside Down President"...He is going to get a lot of people killed...

We as a nation are NOT prepared for COVID-19....2-3 weeks too late...We all have been shouting from the rooftops and screaming from our soapbox/keyboard...for almost 4 years to only minimal success...like we are just treading water.......Having a McConnell run Senate is also responsible for the "no prepared response" to the COVID-19 virus as they crowned the faux king for self serving greed...

So, I sense I may loose some friends here on DU, in my country and neighborhood due to tRumps selfish, narcissistic delusions and his baby souled minions .

I look at Italy...I see grave loss of life and suffering...and they did act quickly....reactive but aggressive with true intent to stop the spreading of COVID-19.

We don't have enough, not even a hint of medical personnel to handle the illness/ critical or guarded condition...Ventilators don't run by themselves...not like a toaster! You need oxygen, electricity, need to suction the airway with sterile technique...measure the oxygen levels.....patient can't do that and no time to train sufficiently a caregiver/family member...especially if the client has other clinical complications... Just having a MASH style hospital you got to have staff...not ALL nurses can do critical care/ ventilators...and how many are willing?

This is an ongoing nightmare...We knew and so did the republicans know...tRump was incompetent...we are SCREWED~

Hudson mom Amy Driscoll shares her 'brutal' encounter after being diagnosed with coronavirus



CLEVELAND, Ohio — Amy Driscoll knew she was in trouble when she woke at 3 a.m. on Thursday and was having trouble breathing.
The 48-year-old Hudson woman’s first thought was the flu; she’d been feeling a little run down and feverish the day before. Still, she was worried.
Her new symptoms — a racing heart, a “terrible” headache and a hard cough — had come on fast. And she’d never felt quite so sick before, even when she was hospitalized for pneumonia, she told The Plain Dealer in an interview Sunday. In the back of her mind, an unwelcome thought surfaced: coronavirus.

Health officials had reported Summit County’s first case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, only days before. Across the state, the number of cases was steadily climbing as testing increased. People were getting the illness who had no known exposure to it, a phenomenon called “community spread.”

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness with symptoms similar to those of the flu — fever, cough and shortness of breath — that has infected 37 people in Ohio as of Sunday night.There are no medications approved to treat it and wider testing only became available last week in Ohio.
Driscoll texted her cousin Molly, a pediatric nurse who works at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, to get some advice.
Her temperature was 100.2. She was “struggling to take in air.” She told Molly she was worried she might be getting pneumonia again.
The cousin told Driscoll she needed to go to the hospital, but to call first. Emergency room staff at UH Ahuja told Driscoll to call the Ohio Department of Health’s coronavirus hotline first. No one answered.....Molly told Driscoll to sit tight and called the emergency department herself. She told them her cousin was coming in.


Bluffton, Ohio COVID-19 Fatality Modelling

Just click on.." Watch on Vimeo"...it works....


This is an excellent epidemiology video of COVID-19 in Ohio...actually, everywhere...how thing will be rolling out...

Trump officials did sound the coronavirus alarm. They just don't work there anymore.



On the January day a new coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China, Tom Bossert, President Donald Trump’s former homeland security adviser, tweeted a stark warning: “we face a global health threat. ”At the time, the coronavirus outbreak was isolated to China — a distant threat to America that did not seem to overly concern President Donald Trump. But Bossert was just one of several former Trump administration officials waving their arms. Other people like Scott Gottlieb, head of the Food and Drug Administration until 2019, and Gary Cohn, who once helmed the National Economic Council, were also on TV and Twitter, arguing the administration must prepare for the situation to get worse. The people who had once been seen as Trump’s guardrails inside the administration were now trying to educate from the outside.

“My sole motivation for weighing in is to promote good public health awareness to do everything within our means to limit human loss or suffering,” Bossert said in an interview Thursday.
Indeed, the advice proved prescient. The virus has now landed on American shores and is infiltrating communities across the country. Theaters are shuttered, sporting events have ground to a halt, travel has slowed to a crawl. Offices are closed and officials are asking people to stay home. Around the world, financial markets are trembling.

And many health experts have said the situation has grown dire because the Trump administration didn’t heed these warnings.
The ominous message coming from former administration officials often stood in contrast to the upbeat White House narrative. As people like Bossert and Gottlieb pushed for the administration and public to recognize the virus’s disruptive potential, those immediately around the president publicly echoed Trump’s refrain that everything would soon return to normal. The disconnect is perhaps an example of the evolution of Trump’s administration — dissenting voices have fallen away in favor of those more willing to toe the Trump line.

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