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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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Lawrence O'Donnell is currently drilling Joe Oliver!

clarifying friendship connection...or lack of such. Damn, as good as a pit bull cross examination!!!!

Joe's getting exposed! HahhahahHa

Kasich to join President Obama for NCAA game in Dayton Ohio

Oh for Chrissake!

This obnoxious, intrusive, attention seeking repug Kasick makes me want to spit up. I hope he is ignored by President Obama and the Prime Minister....Maybe President Obama will ask him why he removed all the highway signs saying " American Reinvestment Act" which were immediately remove the first week this snake took the Ohio Govenors chair.



Ohio Gov. John Kasich will be among those greeting President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron today when they arrive on Air Force One to attend the First Four basketball game.

“We think it’s always important anytime the president is in your state that you greet him,” said Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols. “It’s the president of the United States.”

Nichols said he is not sure what Kasich plans to say to the president or if he will discuss the state’s request for disaster aid. He said the governor will attend the Mississippi Valley State vs. Western Kentucky basketball game with Obama and Cameron.

President Obama, Britain's PM coming to Dayton, Ohio



President Barack Obama will be making his first visit Tuesday to Dayton as commander-in-chief.

The White House announced Thursday that Obama will be bringing David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom, with him to the University of Dayton Arena to take in a NCAA First Four basketball game, the first step to the Final Four of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

“I think it’s great. He is a huge a basketball fan,” City Commissioner Nan Whaley said. “Even he knows that Dayton is a huge basketball town.”

When told the White House had confirmed the visit, Catherine Petersen, Montgomery County communications director, was ecstatic.

“How fantastic for our area that the president of the United States is coming to the First Four at the University of Dayton Arena.”


This is great news for Dayton!

Slut chatter and birth control obstruction used by GOP is a gateway to end pre-exisiting coverage

It is my opinion that the GOP embaraced Limbaugh's slut abuse radio comments as they want to ultimately open a crack in the Obamacare mandate for health insurance services to cover pre-exisiting disease. This service cost insurance companies great profits...All this out of thin air attack on womens healthcare must have a target goal....so, to make any headway with stopping pre-exisiting healthare coverage they see the road being paved via birth control pills...The political language and legislation for birth control denial will be the gateway language and presidence for obstructing the mandate for pre- existing health care coverage.

That's my feeling the subject.
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