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Looking for Scholarship links....Culinary School for Brett.

Brett was accepted at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. He will attend in late June 2014. So, we sent off for some scholarships....looking for more...If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Chef Francois de Melogue: Figue Mediterranean - Lamb Pasta

Hey...he is a visiting DU'er too!


Chef Francois de Melogue&feature=youtu.be

Which Senate republicans do you think Harry Reid is trying to work with at this moment?

Any? I sense some deal might be hammered out....maybe through concessions. The Senate is in Session....on a Sunday. Maybe just the nuclear response too?

What do you think is going on?

Here is some Teabagger logic that will enable the Shutdown....clueless.

From a Teabagger....

"Don't let them lie to you. Default on the debt will occur if, and only if, the Administration deliberately chooses not to make the interest payments with the tax revenue they receive each month.

The US Government receives over $200 billion in tax revenue each month, and must make $20 billion of interest payments. In other words, there is enough income to service US debt payments whether Congress raises the debt limit or not."

This is what they now believe...all will be sunny and bright regardless of the Shutdown....They believe this rhetoric!!!!

My Teabagger friend gave this response to the late night GOP House Rule change...

Now this friend has been a friend since childhood, since we were 2 years old...he is retired Air Force now....( I felt the need to explain this aspect). We will call him Jack.

At first he told me to read the Constitution...

Jack: "Please read Article I, Section 5 (2nd paragraph) of the Constitution"

Me: I responded in kind....."Sure they can do it....but what they are doing is not a representation of the people. Shuts out, locks out a balance of debate for "We The People"......

Me: The President is does not legislate. Boehner and the GOP only presented bills that were knowingly utterly ridiculous...example...refunding ACA/Obamacare which is now law of the land. Not sending a clean CR is also ridiculous and harmful to ALL...including you and the Tea Party. The GOP for some suicidal reason want a shut down.Democracy has been suspended in the House of Representatives. Trying not to be insulting and carry on a reasonable debate.....

but then....He went off the cliff.....

[/b]Jack: "When it comes to being ethical or not ethical what does the president not being legislature have to do with anything? And since you realize he is not part of the legislature, where you when he was unilaterally and unconstitutionally changing law with his exemptions to Obamacare. When he changes the law, is it the same law of the land that the SC ruled on? Two, so if it is the law of the land, so what, there is nothing that says it cannot be changed or repealed and that goes for Supreme Court decisions also. The Supreme Court once ruled slavery Constitutional. It is not law anymore. While the GOP may be committing suicide, at least they are standing on principle and doing what they believe is best for the country. I am for that. Obamacare is hurting a lot of people and as long as it stands it will hurt a lot more. Suicide for the better of the country; sounds honorable to me. Obamacare has to go, sooner or later."


These people just can't connect the dots.....I've tried to guide them within reasonable debate but they are so far off the mark of actually understanding the Constitution yet throw it in our faces with every breathe.

So...how do I respond to this?

Someone please explain Boehner's position today from "This Week with George S".

It didn't appear any progress will be made regarding the Shutdown. I now can't figure out why the debt limit is the front line topic today? I thought ACA-ObamaCare was target.... They have switched up talking points to where I can't figure it out anymore.

Explain our dilemma.
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