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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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My friend, Chef Francois de Melogue has a food blog...

I encourage you fine chefs here at DU Cooking to visit the blog. He is in New York City this month and is knee deep in truffles!

Enjoy his adventures... He was the winner on "Guys Grocery Games" this past October 26th, 2014...won $18,000... More TV adventures to come.

"Eat Till You Bleed"


Need Adm help to return my Classic settings.

My membership was renewed this morning after an expiration. Once renewed, I lost the browsing format, classic style I believe. Its when one can have Latest threads in the center column, Late Breaking News and video links in the far right column, with forums listed on far left.

Now, I only have one center column...no ads but the page is boring. Can you fix it or tell me how to fix it?.

Here is a little video clip of my friend Chef François on Guy's Grocery Games last night.


You might have to click it twice as it may not load..

My friend, Chef Francois de Melogue will be on FN " Guy's Grocery Games" tonight.

Time, 8 pm EST. You can go to Food Network under the Shows list and see a picture. I don't know who wins but they all had fabulous fun. Francois is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Our son just started there too in July.

I hope you tune in and watch.



The Group Anonymous sends letter to Beavercreek PD with demands regarding the John Crawford shooting

John Crawford was shot and killed by the Beavercreek, Ohio Police while shopping at Walmart August 5 th. Mr. Crawford was holding a pellet gun which was on a display store shelf, standing alone, relaxed in the pet aisle and talking on his cell phone . Only one 911 call was made where the caller claimed him to be an active shooter.....he was not and was shot on site.

Now, no link yet but I just heard on WHIO-TV that the Group Anonymous has asked that the Beavercreek PD fire shooter officer Sean Williams, give a public apology and something else...Oh, bring charges against 911 caller, Ron Richie. Anonymous said if they do not comply, they will hack their computer and release information. The Grand jury did NOT find for indictment of the officers.

I say...ya got to do what ya got to do.

Hey, I found this link with Google.


Full video link to the John Crawford police shooting in Beavercreek Ohio


In case you are unaware, the grand jury did not rule for any indictment.

Let me share that this is about 15 minutes long...shows John browsing, shopping and talking a lot on his cell phone. He was in his own zone...it truly looked as if he was taken totally by surprise in my opinion. You judge for yourself. Shooting is at the very end.

FBI asked to investigate death of man shot by cops at Ohio Walmart.



The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio has asked the FBI to investigate the Beavercreek police officer-involved Walmart shooting death of John Crawford III, according to the Dayton Unit of the NAACP.
Dayton Unit NAACP President Derrick Foward said in a press release Tuesday that U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart will wait for the results of the FBI investigation before deciding whether to launch a civil rights investigation into the matter.
A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office did not immediately return a message seeking confirmation.

Foward also said that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has promised to provide Walmart surveillance video to the NAACP, but did not say when the NAACP would get the recordings.

The NAACP has launched its own investigation into the shooting death of Crawford.
Beavercreek police shot and killed Crawford on Aug. 5 inside a Walmart store after receiving a 911 call about a man in the store with a weapon.
He was carrying an air rifle/pellet gun that he had picked off a shelf from inside the store.
A woman who was fleeing the store with her daughter after gunshots were fired suffered a medical condition and died that night.

Angela Williams, 37, of Fairborn, worked at a Springfield
- See more at: http://m.whio.com/news/news/crime-law/fbi-asked-investigate-walmart-shooting-death/ng5S7/#sthash.eHIe21al.dpuf

Michael Browns autopsy diagram.....

This thought came to me when reviewing....If you do a visual image of raising the arms upward above the head, in a surrendering posture...the target is clearly the head....point being...he surrendered to the officer. My opinion.

Who has custody of Michael Brown's body?

Ferguson PD and/or the County Coroner can not be trusted. I haven't heard anything about this issue. I would hope Federal security is involved....

Here is a little "funny" video clip of my chef friend as he preps for "Guy's Grocery Game."

I hope this works.....

Okay...try this one...

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