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I'm throwing this OP post out here to get feedback...

I know we have to wait for the autopsy report etc,,,, I always want to understand what happened. I'm just speculating....like anyone else.

I think the Baltimore cops were cowboying around resulting in the fatal injury to Freddie.

I listened to Rachel Maddow....

Sounds to me it was a combination of events.. I sense initial injury of a cracked spine/ vertebrae occurred at the chase take-down. Then he got a "rough ride" in the van, unrestrained and handcuffed which extended and displaced the spinal cracks into fracture shards cutting the spine. Fractured larynx from an impact hit to the throat during a toss in the van...probably hitting the bench while handcuffed and striking his neck area during a toss when brakes applied to van. Hitting the bench at the larynx area also could of extended the spinal cracks in vertebrae...making complete fractures and severing spinal cord.

That's my sense of breakdown scenario. Rachel gave no injury speculation but did give details of the transport phase. It's just my look at the options...

I think the rough ride was done because they were pisst after having to chase him for several blocks.....No intentional harm but always dangerous for obvious reasons. The ride to the jail was only 30 minutes...they admitted to making I believe, 3 stops. Maybe the term cowboying around does not fit...I don't see malicious/ malice either....
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