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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes me furious...

Right now on CBS spewing how this Government Shut down is because Democrats won't negotiate, they all went home it's the Democrats fault....

SO..............Everyone please correct those that call this the Government Shutdown..

It is the " TRUMP SHUTDOWN"....

For Chrissake!

How long did Trump have Mueller's Questionnaire which he just responded/submitted this month?

I believe Mueller gave Trump the Questionnaire in May 2018....I'm not positive so I post this thread...

When did Mueller give tRump the questionnaire? Was it before Manafort went to trail in September and was convicted? Manafort made a plea after September trial...So, I tend to recall tRump has had the Mueller questions for at least 6 months...so how could the questionnaire be bait?

Some here are discussing how tRump may of had inside information from Manafort's plea deal responses to assist him with his questionaire.....but/...if the questions were sent to tRump in May 2018 then how could such information from Manafort be significant since Manafort didn't make his plea deal until mid-September after his trial/ conviction?

So, all this speculation may not be fruitful insight....

What say you folks?

Explain to me, the Senate approval of the Attorney General...

Is the review by a Committee as we saw with Kavenaugh or the full vote of the Senate?

Sherrod Brown, Ohio Senator...

Senator Brown is thinking about running for President 2020...


He is my Senator... definitely an excellent option...

Sessions resignation verse being fired.....help me see the light.

I believe it was a "Forced Resignation"....he didn't even get time to have closure with staff....yes he and all of us knew it was a dark cloud for months that Sessions will be gone after Mid-terms..

It is important for Obstruction of Justice charges/claims against tRump that he fire Sessions...so this letter is grey in message....purposefully.

How do we address this problem since it on the surface is called a resignation?

I am totally frustrated with cable news Media.

These Sunday talk shows constantly give the right wing thugs a platform to minimize, deny and all out lie and protect tRump... treatment with" kid gloves"....

When will outrage take over to where the recognition of the Treasonous Acts by this tRump Mafia become the norm?

Breaking News corporate media pandering to tRump..

Just now NBC, CBS interrupted programs for tRump campaign pandering shit about Iran...
Corporate Media has " kissed the ring".

Sunday mainstream political talk shows are pathetic today.

They normalize tRump and play his propaganda clips/ campaign rhetoric over and over like it's pResidential.

I'm so exhausted by the Hypocrisy.

Question....Could Cohen and Hannity have planned this 3rd Client as a media distraction?

Just because media chatter control is tRump and Company's typical standard of diversion....

First, Client number 3 is a big confidential secret ...then when the dime drops in Court identifying Hannity, a media frenzy begins...Now Hannity adamantly denies being a client....

This Cult 45 Collective includes Fox News. ..I think we may of been scammed.

Something may be off.. Anyone else find it incongruent?

Pence. ..tRumps " backup plan"....

Pence will be pResident if tRump resigns... Pence can then pardon all of the Cult 45 Minions, including tRump..

So, now what?
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