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It is time for a National Board of Police Officers like a Board of Nursing...

I use the Nursing Board as their focus is on safe practice of all nurses and protection of the PUBLIC as first line of Standard....they must be Licensed and the Licenses is subject to Board "Actions" if their nursing practice falls below the standard of care as defined by the Nursing Board...

Every US State has a Nursing Board and their is a National Board of Nursing...I believe this standards if equally designed to a Nursing Board can indeed curve this police violence...

I have to go to work now....I can elaborate more if needed...

What say you? We have lots of Nurses here at DU....

2020 Academy Awards...Idea...

I think, since the movies are not being released, no real theater/ box office showings....Add a category for Performances that should of won and Academy Award for the main groups...sometimes, these things need time to be digested...some real fantastic acting out there that deserves recognition...Here is the perfect opportunity.

Example...Val Kilmer for Tombstone as Doc Holliday...should of won a best supporting actor award...

Include movies too...

I am unaware of ANY vaccine produced that treated ANY Corona Virus ever...

We are talking, discussing, anticipating and being promised a vaccine soon for the COVID-19 corona virus...tRump Team saying by January..

I did a little research and can NOT find where there has ever been a vaccine for coronavirus...ever....Lots of ongoing clinical trails...no vaccine... COVID-19 our current lethal virus is in the Coronavirus Family Strain... so, that is why I went searching for any past related success for a vaccine...

If this is the case...WHY are we Not getting more clarification about the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine to actually be a FIRST ever Coronavirus vaccine? I

I really think way too much false hope for a vaccine by January is grossly misleading and inappropriate...More like manipulation...

Here is a link to one article I found.... 4-5 coronavirus affect humans..no vaccine yet...see list below.



Coronaviruses without preventive vaccines are the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), and the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease in humans.

As of May 14, 2020, the U.S. FDA has not approved any preventive or therapeutic vaccines for use against the SARS, MERS, or SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses. However, over 300 clinical studies are seeking participants to evaluate vaccine candidates.... END>

Then from the NIH Link:


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. However, three new coronaviruses have emerged from animal reservoirs over the past two decades to cause serious and widespread illness and death.

There are hundreds of coronaviruses, most of which circulate among such animals as pigs, camels, bats and cats. Sometimes those viruses jump to humans—called a spillover event—and can cause disease. Four of the seven known coronaviruses that sicken people cause only mild to moderate disease. Three can cause more serious, even fatal, disease. SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) emerged in November 2002 and caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). That virus disappeared by 2004. Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is caused by the MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Transmitted from an animal reservoir in camels, MERS was identified in September 2012 and continues to cause sporadic and localized outbreaks. The third novel coronavirus to emerge in this century is called SARS-CoV-2. It causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which emerged from China in December 2019 and was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

Building on previous research on SARS and MERS, NIAID scientists and grantees are well positioned to rapidly develop COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. These projects include conducting basic research to understand how the virus infects cells and causes disease, and what interventions can prevent and stop the spread of disease.... END>

Ohio citizens are quickly slipping away from COVID-19 Protocols.

Yesterday, as an RN, I was doing a home visit on a retired Veteran...I was donning double surgical mask and gown, disinfected work surface, equipment pre-post accessing client, hand washing/ hand sanitizer.. …. A knock came to the door, the wife answered ...she is early 70's. We were in the kitchen and I heard the wife state loudly, " We don't want anything, No, not now"...twice she said this...so, I get up and address the concerns...At first, wife said she thought it was a Census Taker...

It was someone going door-to-door, didn't flash ID, wanting to take a survey... neat looking young fella in mid to late 20's. NO MASK was my first red flag alert...I step in between client's wife and fella dressed in my COVID-19 garb, who then stepped back on the porch...I said, "Where is your mask? You need to put it on now". I said this 3 times, quickly and he said, " I just need to go over this survey it won't take long"...I said," No mask, no survey " and slammed the door...

The wife and I watched from the window as he left...he walked down the street....going to the next house.

SO, now we have door-to-door survey takers going house to house without any COVID-19 Precautions! None!... They are potential vectors for COVID-19 and spreading COVIDS! Insane! I shake my head, knowing that this is now contaminating this neighborhood...

I have been teaching all my clients and their families the COVID-19 Precautions...yet, even an unsuspecting event can pop-up and cause havoc! I share this so that others who are doing their best can still be blindsided by the ignorant deniers.

What if it is all a LIE? What if the White House Lied and No ONE really tested POSITVIE for COVIDS?

No illness just reports of positives...Gee, this really takes on the news cycle with now, tRump in a Rose Garden lie fest as I type...I will believe it when we have folks on a ventilator.

He is making this a center piece story tool...just as if it was a TV script.

What say you folks...?

Oh, never heard anything about Ron Paul's positive...none of them hospitalized, just claiming self quarantined.

It is suspicious..

Ohio Legislators want to minimize/ strip Dr Acton's Order Power

Ohio Nurses Association support Dr Acton...

IMPORTANT: Show #NursesStandwithActon by messaging legislators now!

Certain Ohio lawmakers are fast-tracking a bill that would strip power from Dr. Acton. Instead of allowing medical experts drive decisions, some legislators would rather have the power, with some stating the fear of overburdening the healthcare system was blown out of proportion.

Show this is unacceptable and message legislators. Dr. Acton's work to protect Ohioans has been nothing short of incredible.



another link:



In remarks to FOX19 NOW, Householder also said last week: "House Republicans believe it’s not government’s role to manage people’s lives. What you can wear, where you can go, when you can go there or if you can leave your home are decisions people make for a child or pet.

“House Republicans believe a vast majority of Ohioans understand their own circumstances and can make their own decisions without government mandates and orders. Now that we know there will be no surge, then if a citizen is worried about getting sick, don’t go out. It’s that simple.”
Householder is scheduled to address the media Wednesday after the session ends.
FOX19 NOW is seeking comment from DeWine and Acton.
We are told the amendment proposed Wednesday is separate than a bill expected from State Rep. John Becker, R-Union. Becker’s “Need Ohio Working Now” bill was not formally introduced as of early Wednesday morning.

GOP lawmakers backing the amendment have support from 44 of the 60 Republicans in the House.


5/4/20 COVID 19 Update: Ohio Nurses Association

We should know a dine-in restaurant re-open date later this week and BMVs won’t open until late May. Plus, the governor has words for demonstrators crossing the line and there are 20,474 COVID-19 cases in Ohio.

More summary information from the May 4, 2020 COVID-19 update from Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted and ODH Director, Dr. Amy Acton:

• There are 20,474 cases and 19,609 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ohio spanning 88 counties with 1,056 fatalities, 3,809 hospitalizations and 1,090 ICU admissions. The age range is less than 1 to 106 with a median age of 51. 44% are female, 56% are male. 16% are healthcare workers.

• The governor started the press conference with a moment of silence for the 50th anniversary of the tragic events at Kent State University.

• In the next several days, we can expect a protocol and re-open date for dine-in restaurants. The workgroup for restaurants consists of representatives from smaller establishments to bigger chains.

• Retail opens May 12th, but retail establishments can do curbside pick ups and appointments right now.

• The coronavirus dashboard is now showing 21-day trends as opposed to 5-day trends for cases, death, hospitalizations and ICU admissions. Trend reporting is important as we re-open Ohio.

• The governor stated that he normally doesn’t comment on demonstrators and he has great respect for their right to demonstrate. He said he is fair game, but it is not fair game to disrespect the news media. He says to come after him instead of going after those who are demonstrating the first amendment right and informing the public. It is also not fair game to bother the family of Dr. Acton. He said he is the one who sets the policy and the one elected to office, so demonstrate against him.

• We are nearing 22,000 COVID-19 tests per day. Increased testing does not replace infection control measures such as social distancing and wearing a mask. Identification will help stop the spread of the infection throughout a facility or the community. While testing is expanded,

• While testing is expanded, it is not unlimited. Testing priorities: #1: Ohioans with symptoms who are hospitalized or healthcare workers. #2 Ohioans with symptoms who are residents of congregate living settings, first responders/public health workers/critical infrastructure workers, 65 and older and living with underlying conditions. Also, Ohioans without symptoms who are residents or staff exposed to an outbreak in a congregate living settings and other Ohioans who are designated by public health officials to evaluate/manage community outbreaks. #3: Ohioans with and without symptoms who are receiving essential surgeries/procedures or receiving other medically necessary procedures not requiring an overnight stay/inpatient hospital admission.

• There are 5 BMVs open across the state to meet special needs. The opening of the rest won’t happen until late May. They are working on the plan for safety measures and the re-hiring of staff. They are also working on the ‘get inline, online’ system, where people can check-in online to allow for an orderly process for re-opening. There still are suspended expiration dates until the BMVs are re-opened.

• We have tested approximately 3.4% of Ohio’s population.

All this chatter about a vaccine for COVID 19...by the end of the year.

Well, I tend to be extremely skeptical about this ….I sense it is more misleading information generated by the tRump Campaign along with Big Pharma...the date alone is highly suspicious as it gets tRump's false hopes through the November Election...then, a vaccine can take a minimum of 18 months and historically been 5 years...

Yes, they are accessing past virus/vaccines on file with some of the screening steps already having been tested for safety...I fear that they will claim the vaccine is going to be effective, making monumental strives...but no one will know for sure...how could we...claiming the vaccine is available by end of the year, after November...

With opening up America prematurely, we sense many, many more COVID 19 deaths....but I think they will be minimized and or not recorded as COVID 19 related...false recording..." All is fine" message will we cheered.

tRump is into the big, big campaign bluff over a millennium. Be aware of such possibilities...just sayng...my gut instructs tell me so.
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