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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
Number of posts: 10,970

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Interesting Tarot reading: Rust, 5th Amendment, Putin and Mid-Terms

What happened on Rust? The fifth amendment & 2022 midterms....

It may of been a " set-up" to blame Baldwin by some " hater".

Who here likes the idea of a movie being made about Ahmaud Arbery?

I believe this is a great opportunity to teach about racism...

Spelling corrected for the detailed folks.

Good Reading on tRumps upcoming criminal adventures...


Roundup of cases facing the US ex president.....

Dayton Ohio Police: Officer shot in head and continues to protect and serve...

Amazing body cam video of this entire event..... watch video....


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF) -- Dayton Police Interim Chief Matt Carper identified both the suspect and the officer who were injured in a shooting Tuesday night.

Carper provided details about the incident that lead to the exchange of gunfire about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 22 at 609 Ingram Ave.

The interim chief said Dayton Police were initially called to a Dollar General store on South Gettysburg Avenue about a counterfeit bill being passed.
Officer Thadeu Holloway, an 8-year veteran with the Dayton Police Department, investigated the incident and determined the suspect's address. Holloway arrived at that address and confronted a man as he got out of his cruiser.

That man, identified by Carper as Antwayne Deon Lowe, 39, of Dayton initially refused Holloway's commands and then -- as can be seen in body camera video shown today during a news conference -- Lowe swung at Holloway before running away. Holloway deployed his taser, striking Lowe in the back. Lowe fell to the ground and as Holloway was ordering Lowe to put his hands behind his back, Lowe is seen pulling a handgun and firing at Holloway.

Holloway was struck once, with the round tearing his left temporal artery. Holloway then returned fire, discharging five rounds. Multiple rounds struck Lowe, Carper said.

"Healthcare Patriots " FB Anti-Vaxxer Group started this Protest...Dayton Ohio now...

I posted about this group over the weekend....guess they did secure a gathering....

I got invited as a Nurse on FB to the Group...even being neutral, I lasted maybe 6 hours...Our Dayton hosptals and Cincinnati have set deadlines for Mandatory Vaccines...I support this 100%%.

Here they are live protesting....several locations...



Insane FB Group, " Healthcare Patriots"....Yikes, loads of misinformation...

I myself am an RN and not all Nurses are able to utilize their critical thinking skills regarding getting the covid-19 vaccine....they drank all the koolaide from Foxx and tRumpsters....

I got invited to the " Healthcare Patriot's" Group....from a right wing nurse friend/ex-co-worker...

Yikes...this is probably backed by a devoted misinformation center against covid-19 vaccines, anti-maskers types....like DeSantis style voice...Now, they focus on fighting the employer/ hospital mandates for the vaccine or go Bye-Bye....I don't know how long I can stand it but it does give me insight into the other perspective, the illogical thinking of those who have been clinically/medically trained...I am in great dismay....coming to recognize the power of lies, brainwashing....Yikes!

Here is what I posted....
I got my vaccine as I have underlying heath concerns...I did fine...still working, work with covid-19 clients with full PPE. I'm trying to grasp the no mandate thing...I don't want the vaccine forced....the reasonable negotiation option...respecting the employee is essential....but my strong clinical/ epidemiology background supports all clinical caregivers to think outside the box...What do you deem safe for ALL? This is bigger than just one or two or 6....it's the entire community....I wish to never harm another...." Do no Harm" motto.

Ohio Nurses Association has taken the middle of the road approach ....talking about negotiating with employees verse actually stating what they really need to do and vax-up...I ONA's monies really is strong from Unions...> end

Here is Dayton Ohio area....Mandatory vaccines for all healthcare workers has been issued with each hospital group, Children's, Premier, Kettering Systems set end dates like October 1, December 1 2021 to get vaccinated...

Posters and the sight/Group are trying to establish protest marches....they also post/links what the exceptions are to not get vaccine such as religious, pregnancy, stuff like that so they can try and " fit into a category....

It is the same jargon one see/reads on FB under local news sites posting discussion about infections of covid, masking, etc....awful anti vaxxer, anti-maskers hateful stuff...which has been effective because the misinformation has benefited the proliferation of Delta variant...

I keep shaking my head, jaw dropping ..I really struggle with all this effective misinformation out there...

I actually want the site shut down....they overall remind me of the gun nutz that stood outside state capitols with the AR-15's guns...

Go look if you can...What does others hear thing? I ask because I struggle with this illogical goal of healthcare workers not seeing the simple, clinical wisdom of getting vaccinated with a lethal virus...

On Facebook...if someone posts to an article or thread..who benefits?

Does a web thread post like for example a local News Channel or newspaper...they post an article i n Facebook and you are a follower...Do they get monies or something from multiple visits or likes?

I see these local news channel posts or newspapers focus on covid-19 posts...which has what I see way, way too many posts like anti-vaxers/ trumpsters verbiage laughing at covid-19, call them fear mongers etc...you know what I refer to....

The threat post, news organization does nothing about the trolls, misinformation...So I ask...Why would they ignore the massive misleading information? Do they earn something by post/likes volume?

I'm ignorant to these technology click things.

I am looking for an accurate death toll directly from a covid-19 vaccine...

The tRumpsters and anti vaxers are running around claiming many deaths from the vaccine for covid-19...using the VAERS Data base...I say it is inaccurate...these are deaths for individuals who had had a covid-19 vaccine but not identified as a direct causality of the death...Meaning, they could of been fully vaccinated and died from a snake bit...

So, I would love to find concrete tracking data for deaths directly related to a covid-19 vaccine....

Example of miss-information folks are believing...

This may help, of course more weeks have passed by since this report.....VAERS COVID Vaccine Data
(Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)
438,440 Reports
Through July 7, 2021
9,048 DEATHS
985 Miscarriages
3,324 Heart Attacks
2,200 Myocarditis/Pericarditis
7,463 Disabled
2,226 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet
7,823 Life Threatening
19,105 Severe Allergic Reaction
5,118 Tinnitus

Golfer at Dublin Ohio Tournament tests positive for covid-19/ withdraws....



On the evening Monday, May 31, the PGA TOUR notified Jon Rahm that he was subject to contact-tracing protocols, as he had come in close contact with a person who was COVID positive. Per the TOURís COVID Health & Safety Plan, Rahm was given the option to remain in the competition and enter our tracing protocol, which includes daily testing and restricted access to indoor facilities. Rahm has remained asymptomatic.

Rahm has tested negative every day, but his most recent test Ė which was performed after the conclusion of his second round (rain delayed) and before the start of his third round Ė returned positive at approximately 4:20 p.m. ET while Rahm was on the golf course. The PGA TOURís medical advisor requested a confirmatory test on the original sample, which came back at 6:05 p.m. ET, and was also positive.

The PGA TOURís medical advisor notified Rahm immediately upon completion of his round, and under TOUR protocols, he will be withdrawn from the competition. Rahm is now in isolation, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, he will need to remain in isolation through Tuesday, June 15.

While this is an incredibly unfortunate situation, throughout 50 events since the PGA TOURís Return to Golf, there have been only four positive tests (including Rahm) within competition; Rahm is the first positive, asymptomatic case as part of the TOURís routine, contact-tracing protocols. end>


At this moment, no mention if he has already been fully vaccinated...If so, if he is fully vaccinated, we have to fine tune this what to do if there is a positive covid-19 test....As I understand it..sure, you can contract covid-19 being vaccinated but the risk of transmission is very low...A covid-19 test does not differentiate as to the details such as is the virus multiplying or are these weak, or dead virus cells testing him positive? This is new ground to break so to speak...we need to refine the testing once again to differentiate...

I would like to see a list of the GOP House Vote on outing Liz Cheney from leadership..

Wanting to know which Reps are old school or trumpsters?
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