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FarPoint's Journal
FarPoint's Journal
January 17, 2021

Trump is also up to no good..

My fear....may it be real or way off base...

He will continue to use President Powers to stop Biden's Inauguration...* I have an uneasy gut feeling...

I see that Washington DC is filled with military with the likes of Bagdad having Red Zones, Green Zones, 25,000 boots on the ground.. Looking back, trying to recall all of Trumps back court firings, replacement of key posts with his " chosen loyalist "like in the Pentagon, NSA...so many I lost rack.......Trump has no intentions of leaving office...These next 3 days....May be the last few days as the USA as we knew it...

He appears to of initiated a seize of the US Capitol , an Insurrection...he may not have ANY compassion for any of Congress ...Point is...he is on some crazy mission...overthrowing Democracy..is apparently on the table.

Oh... yea, military essentially surrounding all 50 US Statehouse/ Capitols...??? Is this a hidden strategic move for say...something bad?

Maybe I just need to cut down on the coffee???? Something is in the wind.....

January 10, 2021

How many Senate votes now are required for Impeachment?

Now that the two Georgia Senators have conceded/ republicans ...does that change the Impeachment quota required by the Senate to seal the deal? Also, what is the number we need this week for the Senate to confirm Impeachment of Trump?

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