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Hometown: Dayton
Current location: Ohio
Member since: Wed May 6, 2009, 03:16 AM
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Journal Archives

Nice card reading on Giuliani...

Revealing Light...by MaryAnne.


MSNBC now discussing licensures for police officers!

Now...As a Registered Nurse for 20 years...this concept is what I have been trying to explain...Used the Board of Nursing as the standard of practice leadership/monitoring and issues licenses used in a 50 sates for all nurses..****as a templet, use this for Law Enforcement...

What did Derrick Chauvins have written on his left hand?

When he was cuffed and marched out of the Courtroom...we see his open palms/hands...I did see on his left open palm, black lines x 3 below the thumb...Did he write notes to himself with black marker?

Did anyone else notice this?

Doesn't a Taser also have a "red light" laser for target sighting on subject?

I have seen a few Tasers and I recall a red light that shined on the target site for aiming.....besides the weight and color differences from a Glock vs Taser...that red light laser should of been a clue...the lack of one that is....

This entire assault on Dante Wright has big "holes" in the story....there was no urgency to where the officer had to shoot....no weapon threatening the life of others...30 seconds of focusing could of avoided this...at a minimum...
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