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FarPoint's Journal
FarPoint's Journal
July 20, 2021

On Facebook...if someone posts to an article or thread..who benefits?

Does a web thread post like for example a local News Channel or newspaper...they post an article i n Facebook and you are a follower...Do they get monies or something from multiple visits or likes?

I see these local news channel posts or newspapers focus on covid-19 posts...which has what I see way, way too many posts like anti-vaxers/ trumpsters verbiage laughing at covid-19, call them fear mongers etc...you know what I refer to....

The threat post, news organization does nothing about the trolls, misinformation...So I ask...Why would they ignore the massive misleading information? Do they earn something by post/likes volume?

I'm ignorant to these technology click things.

July 19, 2021

I am looking for an accurate death toll directly from a covid-19 vaccine...

The tRumpsters and anti vaxers are running around claiming many deaths from the vaccine for covid-19...using the VAERS Data base...I say it is inaccurate...these are deaths for individuals who had had a covid-19 vaccine but not identified as a direct causality of the death...Meaning, they could of been fully vaccinated and died from a snake bit...

So, I would love to find concrete tracking data for deaths directly related to a covid-19 vaccine....

Example of miss-information folks are believing...

This may help, of course more weeks have passed by since this report.....VAERS COVID Vaccine Data
(Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System)
438,440 Reports
Through July 7, 2021
9,048 DEATHS
985 Miscarriages
3,324 Heart Attacks
2,200 Myocarditis/Pericarditis
7,463 Disabled
2,226 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet
7,823 Life Threatening
19,105 Severe Allergic Reaction
5,118 Tinnitus

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