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FarPoint's Journal
FarPoint's Journal
November 6, 2023

What is happening now with the Banks delay of deposits?

I'm expecting a payroll deposit after Midnight tonight....Will I be disappointed? My Bank, US Bank said this is Nation Wide and involves all banks???? I post here for any clarification ..Not much in the news about it...

October 30, 2023

Ohhhh MY! The massive, extensive tunnels by Hamas under Gaza!

How did this get past Israel? 300 miles worth equals a city! exits/attack site pop-up....massive bomb storage...ect.... Terror under ones feet ....

How can this be removed....new strategy is tunnel warfare????
September 13, 2023

Escaped Pa. inmate was safely captured by the Police Dogs!

I surely want to hear a good story with photo's about these brave dogs....no one injured and no shots fired...

Good Job!

August 30, 2023

I give tRump a 4 week time frame to part ways with attorney Lauro...

I just sense attorney Lauro was warned by friends of the impossible task of representing tRump. I bet now he is realizing he chose poorly...I see either Lauro will walk away and then go to his priest for confession...tRump won't pay him and when Lauro insist on payment...he is fired.

Just thinking thru thins a bit today...

August 15, 2023

The Georgia indictments: Will each defendant have their own, separate trial?

The Georgia indictments are broad and sweeping with multiple individuals being indited...We know Jack Smith kept his indictments closed and with a tRump primary and others are to follow with J-6 with their own trial..

So, help me see the big picture with Georgia's mega indictments and defendants...

July 30, 2023

Apparently Willie Nelson is doing poorly...

Just mentioned on Linda G's show...that Willies son just posted a request/Tweet for prayers for his father...????

July 4, 2023

Qustion: regarding the "FREE SPEECH AND LGBT RIGHTS" ruling by Supreme Court....

We all now know that this is a " set-up" hypothetical case and no injury occurred....So, my question is....How did this get to the Supreme Court without being vetted for fact/injury? Did this not go through the protocol court hearings steps wherein cases are appealed and then finally reach the Supreme Court?

I don't know the answer but I know this typically can take years to move up through the courts first....Did this just bypass said steps?

July 2, 2023

Just maybe the Wager/ Prigozhin march to Moscow was a " fake out"?

It just was so strange for Putin to have Belarus president appear to be a diplomat and negociate peace and permit Prigozhin to leave so easily to Belarus...

My thoughts, latently in the process....Putin really wants to take over Belarus and use that country to access Ukraine. Prigozhin is a monster of the 10th degree and true BFF to Putin knowingly would be willing, if asked take out Lukashenko ....I can see this being like some chess game strategy by Putin to secure Ukraine....

Just thinking.....

July 2, 2023

Is the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant/ Ukraine in jeopardy???

Linda G just posted on her YouTube Community blog.....about 12 noon EST...

"All hands on deck. Please pray for the All hands on deck. Please pray for the ZAPORIZHZHIA nuclear plant. Trouble is brewing.. Trouble is brewing.

This nuclear plant is located in SE Ukraine and about 350 miles from Capitoa; cty Kyiv and about 124 miles from the Donbas region that is under dispute....

Any reports or sensing of danger by other psychics ot this Forums members?
June 24, 2023

Russian insider revolt.... Here is a YouTube link..." Inside Russia"....

Blow by blow kind of reporting.... on to Moscow!


It has begun! PWC WAGNER'S oner Prigozhing has called Russians to unite behind him and bring justice and fairness to Russia! I am covering breaking news happening in Russia now.


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