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FarPoint's Journal
FarPoint's Journal
June 24, 2023

Russian insider revolt.... Here is a YouTube link..." Inside Russia"....

Blow by blow kind of reporting.... on to Moscow!


It has begun! PWC WAGNER'S oner Prigozhing has called Russians to unite behind him and bring justice and fairness to Russia! I am covering breaking news happening in Russia now.

June 8, 2023

This message was self-deleted by its author

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June 8, 2023

Avatar Way of the Water .....Snoozer for me.

I watched it last night and fell asleep halfway thru...never saw the ending ..
. It was hard to identify the characters. .almost at cartoon level...The story was predictable and just boring...Since I fell asleep I don't imagine I missed anything.

What say you?

June 8, 2023

When does Steve Bannon have to appear for his new subponea?

Apparently he was served the end of May....so, when and where is he due to appear?

June 7, 2023

When tRump and his merry men go to tral.....

Will these court trials be televised for all to see? This all probably won't happen until after the 2024 election...at least for tRump.....I strongly believe this must be televised....America has suffered greatly under his control...we are all victims and deserve open court content... .

June 5, 2023

My Presidential prediction for 2024....

This next Presidential campaign....

This will play out in predictable tRump fashion.....tRump will be the GOP nominee even being under indictments.....trial delay etc....he will burn down the GOP.....That said...all will be a a cluster muck and frenzied campaign as never seen before.....

I sense the heat will get too strong before the actual election November 2024...tRump will take a trip overseas and just not come back...No time for GOP to really select a viable replacement candidate as the tRumper Maga voters and any breathing republican will be in shock.....tRump on the ballot and no where in the USA..... Biden wins.

Quick synopsis for ya as my prediction....

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