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Elizabeth Warren shows weaknesses of Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Connection Defense. She also

maintains that many laws against economic crimes already exist, but the Administration
personnel rarely apply them strongly enough to the businesses that break those laws.

Elizabeth also points out clearly that, unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has not
accepted a single cent from business corporations and private interests. This is not a
direct endorsement of Bernie for the presidency, but it does show clearly whose side
she is on. I don't know why she has not yet openly endorsed Bernie, but I assume
she has her reasons.

This is a highly interesting article covering several important points.


Don't senators and congresspeople have a lot more entertainment to do than average households?

He is more of an FDR New Deal Democrat than most DNC members, and they don't like that.

Hillary Supporters need to be more realistic. I think she will lose the GE. Just look at the

large numbers of voters who simply can't trust her. Here's one link:


Just Google: "Voters Do Not Trust Hillary Clinton", and you will find 4.5 million other articles.

Edit: Sorry! But that's the way it is. I don't believe anything will change this.

Yes. The Democrats are not one single monolith. We are made up of 3 main sub-groups:

1. Those who are in control of the DNC and think of themselves as the Democratic Elites. They consider themselves
to be the only reasonable middle-of-the-road group, and are the only ones who hold all the power. They have no objection to accepting financial aid from the Corporate Power people, and thus cannot remain free of being influenced by the Corporate Business people. They seem quite willing for our Government to maintain its present status quo (where the rich are getting richer, and the middle-class is gradually disappearing, and the poor are becoming still poorer)

2. The Progressives/Liberals, who are against coming under any financial influence whatsoever from the Corporations. These are the ones who are totally sick and tired of the corruption of the past several decades. They want complete
change. They especially want to root out the bribery and corruption which has been plaguing our government the past several decades, and their claim is that we have become morally degenerate as a nation and sinking further and further
down into the gutter. Their numbers are growing rapidly,

And these two groups are vying for dominance right now.

3. A composite of various small groups that have too few members to carry any political clout.

Divided and troubled as the Democrats are, the situation of the Republicans appear to be at least as bad, if not worse.
They aren't a monolith either. The Dem. Elites know that their days of milking the cows on both sides of the fence might
eventually be coming to an end with Bernie in the WH and Elizabeth in the Senate. That is why they are doing all the can to help Hillary to win. I think the numbers of Dems. rooting for Bernie are already larger than those for Hillary, and his supporters are growing in size by the day. We'll have to be patient a little longer to see who the winner will

There are so many different political stances held on firmly by the Repubs. that are harmful to the American people in
general. Examples: Universal health, free tuition at public universities, $15 minimum wage, Social Security expansion ... ad infinitum. Democratic senators and representatives can be talking about how beneficial it would be to their constituents,
if they should become the law of the land.

The Republicans are actually asking for their own throats to be cut by making these stupid demands that make life
more difficult for their constituents. Democratic Congress people have so many points to talk about. They should go
into these points extremely thoroughly, and bring up as many of them as necessary to reach their goal of winning
over the Republican masses, who have been lied to and misinformed by Fox News and other such media for decades.

Here are golden opportunities to set things aright. All the Dems. have to do is to reach out and take them.

I understand what you are saying. I'd also like to point out the following:

<< THEY have ginned themselves up think he has been SO HARD TO WORK WITH, all their arrogant "he made his bed" comments and all. >> The present-day leaders of the Republican Party are not Republicans. They are Corporatists,
Neo-Cons ...etc... who joined the Republican Party some 50 years ago, worked their way up the power ladder within
the Party, and finally kicked out the old leaders when Ronald Reagan became president. They will do all they can to destroy any Democratic president (and the Democratic Party) with all their lies and dirty tricks -- regardless of the president's race. They failed in their attempts to impeach Bill Clinton, and I feel quite sure they are doing their best to impeach Obama right now, and they will continue to do this with any future Democratic president. Psychopaths can't
help but fight dirty. We are not dealing with normal people.

I think it's up to all Democrats in high positions (not just the president only) to point out the wrongs the Republican leadership are doing, as well as the lies they are telling -- with compelling evidence that they are lies. The Republicans own 90% of the news media. Their purpose is to mis- and dis-inform the general public, and they have succeeded extremely well. Today's news media are not worthwhile watching and listening to.

I believe if the Republican-voting masses knew more about what their leaders are doing to our country, many of them
would leave their party.

Democratic leaders should really make use of their positions in helping to keep all Americans better politically informed.
This is one strong way of fighting back against the lies of the Republican-owned media. Just point out to the policies
the Republicans are carrying out, explain how harmful they are for Americans, and expose their lies with evidence.
Plain language, without name-calling, would, I think, be very effective -- if it is kept up as long as necessary. Simply
sticking to the facts is a very powerful way of keeping the people informed with the truth.

At the present time, the above seems to be the only way for Democrats to fight back. And Democratic leaders
aren't using it often enough.

Yes, I agree with you that this is how Bernie will operate as president, and he will have

the help of Elizabeth in the Senate. I think they'll be making one grand team. This will
be so refreshingly different from Obama, who rarely said anything at all, even when the
Republicans filibustered 400+ times during his first term.

What's wrong with telling the American people what's happening to our country at the
hands of the Republicans? I don't understand this characteristic about Obama at all.
Does anyone?

Too many of the people voting for her don't know this side of her character.

And Mme. Secretary does not have much of a chance of winning in the GE, which Bernie does. Life

is full of unexpected twists, turns and contradictions.

The trouble is, there are still too many people who don't know about this. The anti-Sanders

people are still rather successful in their efforts at keeping him away from the public, although
they are becoming less and less effective. If Sanders only had the full publicity he deserved
right from the start, he'd have been the front runner today.
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