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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Psychologist Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. in his book "Without Conscience" poses the

question: "Is Gov. Scott Walker a psychopath?"

"...We are becoming much more educated these days about psychopaths and as was stated above, there are many more of them than many people had realized - and they are running around free, they are living lives as if they were normal people, yet, still causing us all to live lives which are dramatically different than we would be able to live without them causing us the trouble that they do. Another expression or term that has been applied to psychopaths recently is that they are 'anti-human beings'. In some studies on the subject, psychopaths are described as non-human beings, but beings of a different sort, meaning they may look or have the appearance of ordinary human beings, but that they are in fact, another species - one that preys on humans.

There may be as many as five genes which psychopaths have which are different from normal (real) human beings. This could make them as different from us than an entirely different species, as if they are actually like (land) sharks which happen to look like us. And I think that this is the real danger for us when it come to psychopaths, IS that they look like us. We know to avoid sharks and other dangerous creatures, but what if those dangerous creatures look and act just like us? That, is what I feel that we are really dealing with when it comes to psychopaths.

Some of the items that called my attention to Scott Walker as a psychopath is that he has done many things the same way that I have seen psychopaths do things. One thing that they do is to use 'disclaimers'. That is, that they will tell you (to some degree that seems reasonable) what they plan to do. But they are thinking of things not as a normal human being, but as if this were like a chess game where they are always about 5 to 10 moves ahead of everyone else. they know ahead of time, for instance, what they will be forcing their opponents to do and they have already thought out how they are going to exploit the situation at that point. ........"


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