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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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E. Warren, "Enough is enough," when Obama appointed another banker Antonio Weiss as Under Sec'y to

the Treasury. Weiss was heavily involved in helping firms to move overseas in order to avoid paying taxes.
Warren is the only one who has spoken out against the large numbers of Wall Street people appointed by
Obama into the Treasury as well as other government departments.

We need more people in government with the courage she has. We're having too many spineless showcases
in recent years. No wonder our country is falling apart.


Who Controls our Government? The Psychopathic Corporate Elites of America. This is a very thorough

article written by two authors, one of whom is a psychoanalyst who has treated many
Wall Street CEOs over the years. Highly interesting reading!


America is half-starved to death for a source of news that is truly INDEPENDENT from

influences of all shapes and forms.

It's obviously quite clear to all that the news media have a tremendous impact on
informing, misinforming, as well as exposing or hiding facts from the general public.

We also know that 90% of the news media are Republican-owned. This is one of
the issues that has given the Republicans an incalculable political advantage over
the Democrats. There is not much we can do to successfully counteract the
Republicans' twisted info, half truths and outright lies. In short, it helps them to win

Running a news media company (newspaper, magazine, TV, radio ..... ) is an
expensive enterprise. It will be very costly, especially at the beginning. It will also
take a long, long time before any profits can be expected.

There are many wealthy Democrats who are known to be philanthropists. It occurred
to me that if they were to join together and combine their resources, couldn't they
start up a news media company (and a very large one at that) that would be totally
INDEPENDENT of any outside influence, and spread REAL NEWS, the truth, and also
counteract any and all misinformation that have been deliberately spread by dishonest
news sources?

This could help to defeat the present one-sided lopsided nonsense and garbage that
has been dished out as news, and which has been used to brain-wash and dumb down
the American people for the past half-century. It is also destroying our democratic
way of life - which is exactly what the 1% Oligarchy is doing. These psychopaths
are trying their best to rule the world and make it into their own private fiefdom!

What would DU members here think of making up a suggestion of this nature? If
one wealthy Democrat could be found who would be interested in this idea, s/he
would probably know others, and these in turn would know still more others, who might
be persuaded to join.

I would like to bring up this as an idea only, and leave it entirely up to those who
would be willing to participate. If it should become a great and prosperous company
in the future - more power to them. Our democratic way of life will have been preserved.

The American people are half-starved to death for want of real, true and accurate
information, because this situation has been foisted on them by the Oligarchs who see it
as a means of getting to their own selfish greedy way.

I'm just tossing out an idea to be discussed.

To all those who think Elizabeth Warren too inexperienced in politics to take a leadership

position, or couldn't possibly be tough enough, just look at the link below. She openly opposed
the White House's pick of another Wall Streeter for the Treasury Department. Obama is quite
well known for the numbers of them he has picked.

Has any old-timer Democratic congressman dared to do anything like this? Warren is always
for the little guy, and she isn't afraid of speaking her mind whenever she feels something amiss
is happening. We need more people like her. There are too many politicians of the other stripe
around. We are stifling and she is like a breath of much needed fresh air!


For the first time a member of the Oligarchy has been indicted for 29 coal-miner deaths! It's

about time. He is accused of putting profits before the lives of coal=miners.


Elizabeth Warren may be considered for leadership position in Senate. I sure hope so. I

would be all for it, if she should replace Reid -- although this would be out of the question at
the present time, I suppose. The middle-of-the-roaders have had a long time to prove
themselves, and they have failed. It's high time for a change.


I thought the GOP was going to really go all out this year with their election fraud, and the

article in Bradblog below pretty much convinces me that the GOP has stolen the election
again. They've done it BIG TIME this year.

I also am thinking. What's the point of having any election at all, if it is going to
continue to be the big farce the way it is now - time, after time, after time?

As Stalin once said, "The voters don't matter. What does matter are those who count
the votes." Our nation has become Sovietized. There has got to be a change in the
entire voting system. We need one in which cheating is rendered impossible.

An example: My state is a solidly Democratic one, yet the machine I used for voting was
made by Diebold!!! Are we Democrats simply apathetic, or are we just totally stupid?!

The article by BradBlog below is quite long and thorough, with enough of examples
to convince anyone.


How about replacing Reid with Sanders, and Pelosi with Grayson? It's about time to do

something like this. We can't wait any longer. Time is on the Repubs.' side, not ours.

Just saw McConnell on MSNBC smiling and happily answering questions. He said there will be

no government shutdowns, and apparently is going to cooperate.

We'll have to wait and see, of course. But, if that is the policy the Republicans
will be following from now on, this change is too sudden to bring any comfort.

My first guess is that the Republican leadership is aware that if they are going
to be ugly as they have been in the past, they might very well have a lot of
people voting against them in 2016. It's more practical for them to play nice
for two years. This would give them a better chance of winning all three
branches of government in Nov. 2016.

Obama, for the coming two years, should be vetoing all those Republican bills that will be served up

for the benefit of the corporations only, and damaging to the 99% of Americans. Just
remember the 400+ filibusters that the Republican senate had served up during his
first term as president. This would be killing two birds with one stone:
1. Doing what is good for America, and
2. Giving the Republicans a taste of their own medicine.

Do you think Obama would do it?

And you can bet that the Repubs. will be coming up with all kinds of legislation to make
the rich still richer, and which will kill off more of the poor, and eventually also many of
the middle-class. That seems to be the the only agenda they have been serving up so far.
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