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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 7,018

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It's time for the corporate-dominated and corrupt DNC Establishment to be replaced.

By hook and by crook they are slowly changing us into Republicans. And we are more
than half-way there! We must reverse the flow! How can it be done?

What you say is very true. But DWS started this, and Bernie couldn't do anything else but reply,

without losing his cause altogether. It would have been fatal for him to play the role of the

I also think it's only sensible for him to continue seeing this case through in court, so there
will be no future repetitions of DWS's nonsense. I admire Bernie's judgment and thoroughness.

And, in addition, how often would the innocent party agree to make amends to the guilty one by

agreeing to reinstate the former state of affairs? Does this even make sense?

What a thoughtful, considerate and gentle post! Thank you.

It's looking like that DSW's ambition is bigger than her common sense and judgment.

I believe Bernie is building a new party, one with honesty, integrity and

working for all the American people, not just a few of the wealthiest. And
he is building this new party without any change in its name: It is still
The Democratic Party.

It seems rather odd, come to think of it. He had been an Independent all his
political life, and did not join the Democratic Party until he announced his
decision to run for the presidency this year!!

This change is coming from within - it's the Soul of the Democratic Party that
will be leaving behind all the corruption of the past, and embracing, instead,
Honesty, Integrity and Dedication to the betterment of our entire nation.

We are going to help Bernie succeed!

Another favorite Republican dirty trick: Accuse your opponent of doing something dishonest that

you yourself are doing.

Yes, DWS seems to be getting desperate at Bernie's success, in spite of all of

her trickery!

How about Debbie W. Schultz's scheduling Democratic Primary debates on weekends, so

that Sanders will get as little public exposure as possible? Fox News and the Main Stream
Media are already doing the same thing. DWS is showing her efforts in doing everything
possible to help Hillary beat Sanders. The actions of the Chairperson of the DNC are
supposed to be impartial and fair towards all Democratic candidates for the presidency.
Is she being impartial and neutral?

Do Debbie W. Schultz's actions above also merit an investigation? And can we demand one?

This could be just the point: Trump will be winning not for "them," but for himself. I think

it's unlikely that he will win, though.
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