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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Do we have too many sadists among our nation's cops and prison guards?

From the large number of cases we've seen lately of cops badly beating up innocent
civilians for no apparent reason, it wouldn't be difficult to come to the question, "Are
Police Departments Hiring Too Many Sadistically Inclined Job Applicants to be Cops?"

Sadists enjoy causing pain and suffering to others. I can imagine the numbers of
them might be even higher among prison guards, where they can beat and humiliate
prisoners and not be found out for having done so. Prison guards can do it with

Police Departments and Prisons ought to be provided by their superiors with the means to
screen out sadistically inclined job applicants, and fire those sadists already employed,
who are found performing such acts. Such primitive types should not be given authority
over people. They, themselves, need to bear watching!

Is there any way of starting such a movement -- and nationwide? Enough is enough.!

Nadin in Reply #5 just informed that taking pics. in voting booths is not allowed in some states.

It is unfortunate, but not hopeless even in these states, since this ruling may be challenged
(on 1st Amendment grounds).

As for the other states, how does one proceed with the matter if one suspects them of having
committed vote fraud? Do all those picture-takers band together and demand a recount
to see whether or not any of them have been "miscounted?" They have the evidence of how
they had voted with them.

The above also supposes that a group has already been formed functioning as a headquarters
where all parties interested in picture-taking have already registered and may be contacted to
show up with their pictures when needed.

I can see a good deal of preparation for unexpected eventualities is needed.
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