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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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You've given your warm and friendly feelings, but they might not work here. There may

be Republicans posing as Democrats at DU, and their purpose is to create problems for
us -- not to help us unite.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I still will vote for Hillary, should Bernie not
win the Primaries.

"In that case" I think he'd do more good working together with Elizabeth Warren in the

Senate to recruit more real Progressives -- among other things. He'd be wasted as V-P.

It struck me some time ago that their behavior is quite reminiscent of that of the

Republicans - and in many different ways. I wouldn't be surprised if there were
Republican moles here at DU doing their best to create problems for the

Years ago I was at a different forum (which I still visit once in a blue moon). I
had been there about 10 years and became familiar with all the tricks they
commonly use. Once there was a new name that showed up. I decided to
chance it and asked "Do you Republicans get paid for writing here? His reply
was, "You mean you Democrats don't get paid?" I said "No, " and proceeded to
explain about interests, hobbies, etc. I wasn't surprised that he stayed in that
forum for a few more days, and I never saw him again.

Polls, both recent and in the past several months, show that the majority of Americans prefer

Sanders over Clinton to be president. It is true that Clinton is ahead of Sanders in the Democratic
Presidential Primaries thus far, but I think this is because The DNC wants Clinton to win,
and they have been showing unfair and sometimes rigged practices that have been
favoring Clinton ever since Sanders declared his candidacy for the presidency in May, 2015,
and the job of the DNC is to remain neutral.

The latest national poll from the Hill (Thurs. A.M.) shows Sanders and Clinton to be tied:
Sanders 49% - Clinton 48%.



And for months hypothetical elections between Sanders vs Republicans and Clinton vs Repubs.,
Sanders has never lost to any of them, and he has been beating Republicans by larger margins
than Clinton did.

Clinton has been losing to some Republicans. Sanders never lost to any of them.

Looking at the above information objectively, it would seem that Sanders would stand
a better chance of winning over the Republicans, because more of the American people
favor Sanders as president. Only the DNC and the Clinton supporters favor Clinton.

I am wondering if the DNC is blind to the above? Do they realize that even if Clinton
should win the Democratic primaries, she stands a better chance of losing to the
Republicans in the General Election, and Sanders has a better chance of winning?
I realize polls are not all too accurate, but to some degree they do show in which
direction things are leaning.


Things are coming to a head. I believe vast changes are coming, whether we want them to, or not:

From the way I view it, there seem to be two Democratic factions: 1. Those who are
beholden to the Corporate Power people, and 2. Those who are fighting against the
corrupt Corporations.

Hillary is the leader of the Corporate-beholden Democrats, and Bernie is leading the
Progressive or Liberal Democrats.

Hillary sometimes refers to herself as a Progressive. I don't think she is one. The
Democratic Party seems to be splitting up, and the same thing is going on with
the Republicans -- they have their Establishment people and Donald Trump is leading
his own faction. Of course they have several other factions in addition. The Republicans
seem to be even more split than the Democrats are.

The Corporate Power people, of course, will do their best to have a strong hold in
every faction -- as usual -- and control things from behind the scenes.

Somehow things are coming to a head: Large numbers are sick and tired of their same old
Establishment policies, and are leaving their Parties -- both Republican and Democratic.
Changes are probably coming, whether we want them to, or not.

I think of Hillary as a half-way Repblican. With her, the Democrats would at least survive --

half dead, perhaps, but still breathing. Where there is life, there is hope.

Here are the latest GE polls from RealClearPolitics: Sanders is doing generally better against the

Republicans than Clinton:

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 49, Trump 38 Clinton +11
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 46, Trump 40 Clinton +6
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton Bloomberg Clinton 54, Trump 36 Clinton +18
General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 44, Cruz 47 Cruz +3
General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 45, Cruz 42 Clinton +3
General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton Bloomberg Clinton 51, Cruz 42 Clinton +9
General Election: Kasich vs. Clinton FOX News Kasich 51, Clinton 40 Kasich +11
General Election: Kasich vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Kasich 47, Clinton 39 Kasich +8
General Election: Kasich vs. Clinton Bloomberg Kasich 47, Clinton 43 Kasich +4
General Election: Trump vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 52, Trump 38 Sanders +14
General Election: Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 52, Trump 38 Sanders +14
General Election: Cruz vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 47, Cruz 43 Sanders +4
General Election: Cruz vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 50, Cruz 39 Sanders +11
General Election: Kasich vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 43, Kasich 44 Kasich +1
General Election: Kasich vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 44, Kasich 45 Kasich +1

I am surprised that Kasich is ahead of Clinton by 11 and 8 points
and ahead of Sanders by 1 and 1 points.

You're right. He has attracted the worst of the worst. This seems to be a Republican trait. 40

years ago they attracted the Neo-Cons, who took only some 10 years to reach the top of
the Republican political ladder and then the Neo-Cons kicked out the old-timer Repubs.

Recently the Tea Partiers joined them, and they are trying hard to kick out the leaders
of the Neo-Cons.

It's great that you have some place to go to. I've lived in Europe quite a few years
myself, but that was a long time ago. You will enjoy yourself there.

This shows that Clinton is winning in the Primaries so far only because she is being propped

up by the DNC. The Democratic Establishment people want her, but the majority of the
American people prefer Sanders.

Both the Republican and Democratic Establishments are under the influence of Corporate

America's bribery and corruption. This is why our nation is morally and financially in the
gutter. Our GDP is up, but the profits are going mostly to the 0.01% of the super-rich
elites. The Average Joe is paid the lowest wages possible, and can barely make ends
meet without a second job.

Originally there were 17 Republicans and 6 Democrats running for the office of
President. Of these 23 candidates only 4 remain, and Bernie Sanders is the only one
who is actively fighting against this corrupting influence of these Corporations. He is the
only one with the honesty, integrity and guts to do so. What does that say about
the moral integrity of our politicians? Will the rest all be hoping to be in on the take
should they succeed in becoming president?

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