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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
Number of posts: 9,494

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If Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno has been under investigation for pension fraud.....

for the past two years, why is it being hidden from us? Why didn't the voters know about this before they elected this boardwalk mafia back into office? How did Christie manage to shut the press up about this?


Put on your party hats! Christie's inauguration party is scheduled for Wednesday and.....

It's being held in New York!

This is going to be sooooo much fun! A big party on Ellis Island, New York. I hope he takes a helicopter to avoid all of the nasty traffic. What kind of asshat would have his inaugural party in another state?

I was looking through the Reich wing blogs for info on the date and place of the party when I found this proud description on Breitbart. It was posted in December when Team Christie was still full of hubris and no one seemed to think it would be a big problem.

This is going to be the best, worst party ever!

On edit...apparently NJ claims half of the island but the grand hall is on the New York side! It would be like the President going to Canada for his inaugural ball.

Well, let's see....

I could go on for days but I'll give you my two favorite religious angels of death from our times.

Pope Ratzenberg and his instructions (in the name of his religion) to millions and millions of Catholics around the world not to wear condoms. It was especially horrific and deadly because he was directing the terrible lie that condoms would cause AIDS to the people of Africa. How many hundreds of thousands of people believed him and how many spread AIDS, how many babies were born with it, how many people died because of the sick belief that this murderer was speaking god's words on Earth? Do I hold the people who followed and supported him responsible? Yes. I believe they share in some part of the blame. They gave him his power.
Mother Theresa and her cult of anti-contraceptionists peddling her dangerous religious beliefs in countries where children live on garbage heaps and babies starve, because her god told her that it's a sin to take the pill or use a condom. How many children starved to death because of her? How many women were consigned to lives of poverty? This is a woman who kept contraceptives out of the hands of entire countries. Yet her religion made her a saint because she opened a few orphanages and played the saintly nun to the hilt in the press.
Maybe there is an Atheist out there causing thousands or millions of deaths in the name of and because of his rational beliefs. You'll have to tell me who he is

The look on Barbara Buono's face says "Is it wrong that I'm smiling???"

I'm watching "All In" with Chris Hayes and she looks like the cat who ate the cream. Good for her...who deserves to enjoy this more?

The wonderful "Lady Eve" is playing on TCM right now...

"I need him like the axe needs a turkey"

Help...I am a Babe in the Woods of emergency generators!

I live in a small (under 1,000 square feet) cottage in New Jersey and I need to buy my first generator.

I'm a woman who has never felt comfortable around electricity or gasoline but I really need to get this all together and figure it out. Most of my neighbors are helpful and handy type guys..In fact one of them is my electrician.

I am looking for something that will run a few lights, the fridge and my computer. I would like to set it up with a separate electrical panel as well.

Can I please get some recommendations and advise???

Hopefully not too expensive and really easy to use. Safe as possible too.

I get the best info here.

A Yale professor's study show Teabaggers have slightly more knowledge of science....

than other groups. Proving once and for all that the teaparty are MORONS.

A bunch of privileged, white, middle class men who are lucky enough to get a good education but too stupid to believe what they learned.

It just goes to show...you can give a Jack Ass an education but you cannot make him think.
The chart below clearly shows that the Tea party members do not believe in science fact.

<a href=".html" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo PRRI-EvolutionClimatechange_zps908a0846.jpg"/></a>

Mitch Mcconnel is on TV nationwide spewing endless republican bullshit....

as if he and the Baggers had paid for a half hour of wingnut propaganda!
First Harry Reid made a short and gracious speech without blame or gloat. Then Mitch stood up and railed against the ACA, tax increases for the wealthy and every other reichwing idea known to man!

My brilliant young niece is interning for Rush Holt's Senate campaign this summer.

If you don't know who he is, please check out his web site. The Senate desperately needs men like this...


I'm sure all or most Dems in the Senate and Congress are going to approve aid....

for the folks in Oklahoma. I am eager to see the lying, shifting and back peddling the republicans are going to do as they try to position themselves as saviors. I can't wait until they vote "NO' on an aid package unless they get cuts in FEMA or Obama Care thereby screwing their own constituents one way or the other.

The good news is that this is the United States and the victims of the tornado will get the help they need.
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