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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
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I'm so HAPPY! I just got off the phone with my previously undecided client and...

She, her sister and their daughters watched the Hillary videos that I sent them and read all of the articles. They are now (all nine of them) certain that they will vote for Hillary and are even talking about having a house party!

When we first spoke she had told me that she and her daughters had not decided if they would vote for the republican nominee or Hillary. I was appalled and asked her how she could vote for any republican as a woman with daughters. I then asked if I could send her and her family some information about Hillary and if she wanted to discuss it I was available This was over a month ago and they only looked into it this week. What changed their minds? What did I send them that made the difference? I wish I could take credit for their sudden enlightenment but Foxnews did my work for me! They watched the debates! When Marco Rubio said he would oppose abortions even if the woman's life was in danger, it seems to have galvanized these women

I'm beginning to see where this is going! Thank you Donald Trump for ensuring that millions of women had the chance to see what complete assholes the GOP is. The more national exposure this early in the game, the more everyday Americans get to see what is only meant for the wingnut base!
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