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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
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Joe Biden...In or Out (Hillary Clinton Group)

I don't think he'll run but it might not be such a bad thing. He may seem to be taking more votes from Hillary at first but, in the long run, his presence will take the wind out of Bernie's campaign. It will force the BS campaign to run against him. Also, they will have to smear and attack him the way they do Hillary, in order to desperately try to reclaim 2nd place.

The same thing will happen in the repukes camp. They will have to go after Biden because (unlike Bernie) he is electable in the General. That will take the constant media assault off our girl.

In the end, Hillary beats all comers and with Biden in the mix she may emerge a stronger candidate to face a republican opponent. I'm just not that worried about this and I see the "up" side.
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