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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Just received my absentee ballot...........

in the mail. I am voting a straight DEMOCRATIC ticket. I work the polls on election day, which is why I vote absentee.

What parallel universe do repugs exist in?

I was at a county training session for people who work the election polls here in Pennsylvania in November. Mind you, I've been working the polls for 12 years, between my brother and I we know about 85 to 90% who live in our district.

Well anyway, one woman asked the question about election fraud, because as she stated, "that at every polling place there has to be at least 100 if not more, dead people still on the rolls & voting every election.

I know, that prior to the polls opening, my brother, me & another man who lives in the district, usually talk about who has died over the past few months. I am the one ususally elected (no pun intended) to talk to the surviving spouse or loved one & ask them to fill out a form requesting that their loved one's name be removed from the rolls. We have the forms & we return them to the county.

I will give credit to our trainer, who glossed over this question. But my question is, what universe do these repugs exist in?
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