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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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I told my 86 year old mother, not to laugh.........

but she didn't just not laugh, she howled. She was

I told her who Trump wanted for his AG (Giuliani) and Secretary of State (Gingrich)

My 86 year old mother's texting history............

I heard mom's phone buzzing, indicating an incoming text message. Of course I had to locate mom's phone, it was in a bag on her walker. Which wasn't even near her as she was sitting at he dining room table.

I grabbed it & gave it to her. I looked at it and saw it was from my sister-in-law, thanking mom for her birthday wishes. Mom looked at it & said "I didn't send any soup over." I looked over mom's shoulder & pointed out the thank you for Birthday wishes. But Mom was insistent on wanting to know when she sent soup over. I pointed out the date of that text it was, December 8, 2015. So only 2 texts from her daughter-in-law in 1 year.

Mom also has to stop reading texts from top to bottom. "Mom, the bottom one is the most recent".

I sent her a text 3 days ago she hasn't read yet.

Did I miss it or did the Pgh. Post-Gazette.........

not endorse a candidate for President?

I need to rent a car........

and I don't have a major credit card in my name. Any suggestions?
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