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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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How many of us DU'ers belong to a gold star family.....

Not just directly i.e. parent, but a sibling, cousin, aunt or uncle. What hole has this left in the family?

Me: Lost a great uncle in WWII, he landed on D-Day and was dead within 90 days. I have a neighbor who knew this uncle and he has stories about him. My mom remembers him and she has stories too. Like how he would come up to her home (he was her dad's younger brother) on Saturdays, a few other brothers would come up (there were 8 of them) drink beer, play the piano and sing. He was single, shy, tall over 6' and seemed to be a simple man.

Lost 2 great uncles in WWI, brothers of the above uncle. They died during mustard gas attacks. Mom wasn't born yet, so she really doesn't know much about them. But if they were like my other great uncles, I'm sure they were good guys.

In WWII, I had another 3 great uncles, and 3 uncles serve. They all survived, one though wounded twice.

Korean War, my dad and his brother served, neither physically wounded, but I know my dad had PTSD.

Vietnam War, one cousin served, he came back also suffering from PTSD.

During the Vietnam War, my aunt & uncle whose son was serving, took out their blue star flag (from WWII) my uncle had been in the Navy & put the flag in their window. His maternal grandmother did the same, her son during WWII had been a POW.

So Trump just didn't disrespect the parents of a serviceman KIA, but all of us who have a hole in our family because of our losses.

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