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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 01:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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Skinner......did DU get hacked?......

3 times I tried to link to general discussion. What shows up is a rolling screen that reads:

We're going to make America Great again,

Then a photo of Trump in car pointing a gun & the statement "get in faggot"

My newspaper didn't endorse anyone.......

so I wrote a letter to the editor & it was published today. 97 comments, some assholes included their comments.


I just realized 5 minutes ago..........

that my grandmother (my 86 year old mom's mom) was 25 years old before she could vote, she was born in 1895. I loved my grandma.

My late dad's mom was 27 before she could vote, she was born in 1893. I never met her.

In 3 generations we've gone from gaining the vote to being on the cusp of our first woman President.

I told my 86 year old mother, not to laugh.........

but she didn't just not laugh, she howled. She was

I told her who Trump wanted for his AG (Giuliani) and Secretary of State (Gingrich)

My 86 year old mother's texting history............

I heard mom's phone buzzing, indicating an incoming text message. Of course I had to locate mom's phone, it was in a bag on her walker. Which wasn't even near her as she was sitting at he dining room table.

I grabbed it & gave it to her. I looked at it and saw it was from my sister-in-law, thanking mom for her birthday wishes. Mom looked at it & said "I didn't send any soup over." I looked over mom's shoulder & pointed out the thank you for Birthday wishes. But Mom was insistent on wanting to know when she sent soup over. I pointed out the date of that text it was, December 8, 2015. So only 2 texts from her daughter-in-law in 1 year.

Mom also has to stop reading texts from top to bottom. "Mom, the bottom one is the most recent".

I sent her a text 3 days ago she hasn't read yet.

Did I miss it or did the Pgh. Post-Gazette.........

not endorse a candidate for President?

I need to rent a car........

and I don't have a major credit card in my name. Any suggestions?

When the hell are people going to wake up?

These are just a few headlines of DU posts this past week....

Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway: Trump fan chanting ‘Jew-S-A’

North Dakota pipeline activists say arrested protesters were kept in dog kennels

Biggest Asshole of the Week
This has been an outstanding week of exceptional assholery. I can't decide which of these cretins is worse.

1. Donald Trump - Too much shit to even quantify.
2. Clarence Thomas - Reckless ass grabbing.
3. Newt Gringrich - Hypocritical slut shaming.
4. Bundy Jury - WTF???
5. James O'Keefe - More bullshit videos.
6. Mark Kirk - Insulting a disabled vet and her entire family.
7. Alex Jones - Bless his heart.
8. Any random Trump spokesperson - Babbling crazy shit.
9. Megan Kelly - Race baiter extraordinaire discovering social issues that affect only herself.
10. Mike Pence - I'm sure he said something stupid. It just got lost in the tsunami of other bullshit.
11. John McCain - Blocking all SCOTUS picks.
12. Darrell Issa - Trying to make buddy-buddy with Obama after being a total shit.
13. Rudy Giuliani - See number 10.

Trump rallies for 'Sheriff Joe' in Arizona

Trump tears into US judicial system

Ohio sending their patrol to fight the Native people too

Trump lawyers given court date over lawsuit alleging rape of 13-year-old, December 16th.

A white jury determines that the law doesn’t apply to white protestors

Spanish-focused elementary school attacked with pro-Trump graffiti in California

"ART OF THE SCAM" Trump’s Donors Paid For His Jetliner, His Hotels And Now, His Books

Miami Woman BUSTED On Election Fraud — Guess Which Party It Benefited?

Harry Reid: FBI Director Comey’s ‘Partisan Actions’ May Violate Federal Law

WATCH: Trump crowd cheers after rally speaker calls for Hillary Clinton to die in a fiery crash

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