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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Michigan labor has a victory

Read below from Reuters. The Michigan Supreme Court is allowing a referendum to appear on the November 6 ballot.

(Reuters) - The Michigan Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday a measure that would enshrine the right to collective bargaining in the state constitution can be placed on the November 6 ballot, a victory for labor unions in the state that is home to major auto companies.

The measure, backed by organized labor, asks the voters of Michigan to decide whether collective bargaining of labor contracts should be a right guaranteed by the state constitution.

The state's Republican governor and attorney general opposed the proposed referendum, arguing that it would have serious implications for a host of other laws and was too complex to explain on the ballot.

But the state high court said supporters of the measure met the requirements of state law for placing it on the November ballot.

(Reporting By Greg McCune; Editing by Paul Thomasch)

Does anyone have a link to Michelle Obama's speech.......

I fell asleep right after she came on stage. I wasn't feeling well yesterday. My 82 year old Mom watched the whole speech and thought it was the best she had heard in a long time. I can't discuss it with Mom, since I missed it.

I learned that I have "groupies".........

This past weekend I learned that I have groupies. My sister-in-law told me that a few weeks ago at the Parish Festival, a couple in their mid '80's asked her if (my name redacted) was related to her & her husband. She told them of the relationship. The couple said "We lover her letters to the editor, we look forward to seeing them, her last letter about unions and Wisconsin was wonderful."

In their honor I sent a letter to the editor last night in regard to an oped piece they had. If it gets published I'll let you know.

Below is the letter the couple was referring to:

June 18, 2012 4:04 am
I am responding to Joann Prion's June 12 letter, "Unions' Partners." Her words that unions have raped the taxpayers for years is totally off base and out of touch with reality.

Within the state of Wisconsin, the money that Gov. Scott Walker took from union members was the amount of money that he awarded in tax breaks to big business. It is politicians who have assaulted and abused taxpayers, not unions.

Unions, specifically those representing public-sector workers, are reasonable. I have never seen a union advocate for tax increases so their members could have pay increases.

It is politicians like Gov. Tom Corbett who attack citizens. Gov. Corbett's refusal to allow local government to tax Marcellus Shale takes money away from the community for schools and infrastructure. Don't blame unions for this.

Gov. Corbett is giving Shell Oil a billion-dollar tax break. This is money that could be used for the benefit of communities. Who is going to pay for the added traffic and added pollution that this development will produce? Don't blame it on the unions.

Why are people so afraid of putting the blame right square where it belongs? Why have unions suddenly become the scapegoat for the bad that is happening?

Praise unions for the work they have done, and the work they will achieve. Don't spout what you hear on right-wing radio. It is false.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/opinion/letters/unions-not-at-fault-640825/#ixzz25RImxy3k

I'm just in a pissy mood...........

That is all.

What kind of flag lapel pin was on Paul Ryan's jacket?

It appeared to have a star in the stripe area. If that's what it was, he needs to read up on flag etiquette. You do not desecrate the flag by adding adornments to it.

I mean you can see my post as trivial, however if he can't respect the emblem of the country he wants to lead, then he has no right to do it.

I am pissed at healthcare and billing practices...........

I recently had a brain MRI with and without contrast. The office where I had it done billed my insurance company over $2000. With contracted prices, etc. the insurance company will pay $489 and my responsibility is $951.

I checked the Healthcare Blue Book pricing for this procedure in my zip code and find that it is $771. This is for the procedure and interpretation.

The Blue Book shows that the pricing for an MRI without contrast is $536 and if I had one with contrast it would be $581.

I was charged three times the Blue Book fair price and which according to Blue Book Price includes the total amount for both physician (interpretation) and technical (imaging) fees. Sometimes the test will be billed in two parts but they should add up to the listed price.

I've already started my letter to the office requesting that they either resubmit the bill at the lower price, or subtract the $489 paid by insurance from the $771 leaving me with a payment due of $282. Wish me luck on that.

I saw American ingenuity at its finest tonight............

I am currently in a rental car, while mine is in the shop. I was exiting a parking lot and misjuged the curb cut. The car got stuck on top of a wall about 18" high.

I called AAA, and 2 men in separate trucks showed up. Both were about 20 years old. The first to show up, took his time sizing up the situation, and realized that one tire was not on the ground. He placed wood behind the wheel to use as a ramp. He also at ths time tried to jack the frame up off the wall, but that didn't work. After several attemps with the wedge he could not get the tire up over the wall.

The second man showed up, he got some wood, thicker placed it under the wheel, placed a chain leading from my car to the first AAA truck, both vehicles were driven in reverse & voila my car was released from its prison.

I know these guys do this sort of thing daily, but it is so nice to watch problem solving. and the result is good.

Just learned that we're becoming a blended family...........

my niece is adopting a kitten. We've all have/had dogs in our family. Never a cat before.

A direct quote from my 82 year old mother in regard to the NYC shootings.........

Mom is listening to Mayor Bloomberg and yells at him "you can get rid of the fucking soda, but you can't get rid of the god damn guns."

Akin has shut down his email............

I went to Akin's website, went to his contact link, wrote a blistering email and then found it couldn't be deliered. I think his mail must have been overrun by critics and they shut it down.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at www.akin.org.
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

This address no longer accepts mail.
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