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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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Post a video or cartoon that mocks Trump and his campaign.........

I just found this article while googling Paul Manafort.........

Trump's campaign manager. It is a very good read. Bottom line Manafort has turned dictators into people who are liked. He has worked to turn Ukranians toward Russia and many other things.

That's Manafort's job, to turn Trump into a liked person. I suggest reading it for more information.


My 86 year old mother..........

is on the home page "Trending Now". I told her & she's enjoying the comments.

My 86 year old mother getting angry...........

with those Bernie supporters who won't support Clinton. Mom said she saw 2 girls interviewed last night who both said they would absolutely not vote for Hillary. Mom said she "wanted to punch them out."

Do not draw the wrath of my mother.

Follow up to my toothache........

First I need to thank gnr again. The ample use of Kentucky bourbon swished around the tooth did help immensely. I woke up Saturday the whole left side of my face was swollen. When I tried to smile the left side of my mouth did not move.

I saw the dentist today. He pulled the remaining roots of 2 teeth that had fallen out. He filled a tooth on the right. I will need a partial denture when he's done with the work. He has 2 teeth on the bottom that are loose and he will pull. I am still bleeding from the pulled tooth area, but hopefully it will clot by morning.

He used ample amounts of novacaine and I was numb for 4 hours. I see him against next Monday, and he wrote me a script for amoxiciillan.

It must be that time of the year..........

I've been on my 4th jury in less than 24 hours. Come on let's think before we post. Also let's think before we alert.

Right now on Cinemoi, Voyage of the Damned........

vision of Trump's America.

I can't sleep, I've got a toothache & and an.....

infected tooth. Don't see a dentist until Monday @ noon. I don't know how I'm going to survive. Any suggestions, alcohol sounds good, but I've got vicodin in me & that's not even touching taking the pain away.

There was a post earlier today, it was a pic of Trump........

with his right hand extended, and the woman on stage with her right hand in salute to him. Very reminiscent of the German Nazi salute.

I showed my 86 year old mom the photo, and she was literally in tears. She said "those (Germans) shot at my uncles and killed Uncle Mathew."

Her 2 brothers were being shot at by the Japanese, one wounded twice.

She further added that she is so afraid.

My younger brother just stopped in I showed him the photo (I had printed it) & said that it is very disturbing.

Can't refind the post.

I don't often let my 86 year old mother in the kitchen........

During the winter I will allow her to make her soups, that's probably once or twice a month. Otherwise I make all our dinners. But yesterday I let her in the kitchen for her one foray of the summer.

We went to the farmer's market last week and she bought about 30 sweet banana peppers. I bought 3 lbs. of ground turkey & she stuffs the peppers with the turkey and then adds a delicious spaghetti sauce over them & they are delicious.

We had them for dinner last night, two each. To our neighbors we gave away 7. That leaves us with 19, I think my one brother will get 4 or 5 leaving me with 14 I'll have to freeze. But that's okay.

And I'm happy to say, she didn't burn anything down. She often doesn't turn off the burners or leaves the oven on, those are the reasons I don't like her in the kitchen, also the fact that she often doesn't clean up after herself.
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