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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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The lone survivor is on right now.......

I want to know how many veterans are in the audience. They just panned to one, a Vietnam Vet (at least that's what his hat says).

I introduced my 86 year old mom to Ben & Jerry's...........

yesterday. I bought a pint of Cherry Garcia. She had never had any Ben & Jerry ice cream before. Needless to say there is none left. It was finished after dinner tonight.

I did tell her that the first time I ever had Ben & Jerry's ice cream, I bought a pint of Chunky Monkey and finished it in one sitting.

Needless to say my 86 year old mom is happy today.

Okay update on my first date in 24 years..........

I was to meet him at the concert venue on Friday @ about 7 p.m. I texted him that due to traffic, I'd be there closer to 7:20. No answer to my text. Called him no answer to the call.

Finally hear from him at 7:50 & he tells me where he is sitting. I start walking that way. Stopped right near the audio tent. I called him & told him what I was wearing and where I was. No sign of him.

At 8:10 he says he's in the handicapped parking lot. Great I told him stay there, I'll meet him there.

At 8:25 after 2 failed calls & no sight of him, I texted I was going home. I went home, for a couple of reasons, #1. not being able to find him & #2. I was in extreme pain from being on my feet and walking for nearly 1 hour.

There were only about 800 people at the event and the audio tent was a very easy landmark & there's only one handicapped parking lot.

He has left messages & called several times since Friday. One of the texts was "I really like you", to me that's scary.

One Person On Hillary’s Shortlist For VP Was Just Removed From DNC Speaker Schedule

Senator Warren not scheduled to speak at the Democratic Convention


I don't post a heck of a lot...........

but tonight I submitted 3 posts & 2 of them hit the front page for "trending now". One is about my having my first date in years tomorrow & the other was about talking to an African American woman at the gas station.

I should post more.

I've got my first date in 24 years tomorrow night...............

I've been single all these years & haven't had one date. I have 3 brothers who I have asked to set me up with any of their friends. They don't. I have one sister-in-law who has told me that I'm too smart. Her insinuation was that men don't like smart women. I've mostly worked with men who were attached & even though I was tempted, I don't crap where I eat.

I'm in an organization with this man, and he was just widowed 6 weeks ago. He called the other day & we're going to a concert at one of the county parks.

I will let you know how it goes.

I a white woman stopped for gas today.........

here in Western Pennsylvania. There was a car at the next pump over with New Jersey plates. A young African-American woman was driving. I asked where she was from in New Jersey, (just wanted to converse & have relatives in NJ, not that they would know each other, but a way to start a conversation). She said they (she & 4 others) weren't from NJ, but rather from Atlanta.

The NJ plates were because it was a rental. Scenarios ran through my head of, if she were stopped by the Police, how the stop could go sideways.

We had about a 4-5 minute conversation, about Atlanta & her opinion of whether I should visit, she gave me an emphatic "yes."

Before she left, I told her to be safe, she extended her hand to me & we shook. She told me to be safe too. I'm not religious, but I muttered to myself, Godspeed.

Doesn’t the Trump family remind you of other “dictators” & their families”

It bothers the hell out of me that Trump considers his closest advisers to be his children and his wife. I find it creepy, because so often throughout history dictators/tyrants have consolidated power by putting family members into positions of power;

Some examples I have found are as follows:

Saddam Hussein.

Son: Uday Hussein Iraqi Football Association, and several media corporations in Iraq including Iraqi TV and the newspaper Babel. Sound anything like Trump’s son-in-law?

Son: Qusay Hussein He was second in command of the military (behind his father) and ran the elite Iraqi Republican Guard.

Daughter: Raghad Hussein After the war, Raghad fled to Jordan where she received sanctuary from the royal family. She is currently wanted by the Iraqi Government for allegedly financing and supporting the insurgency and the now banned Iraqi Ba'ath Party.

North Korea:

The whole F’ing Kim family from 1948 to the present.

The Phillipines:

Marcos family: Imelda was 2nd in line to her husband before they lost power. She held sway over much national funding that she used to bolster her & her husband’s images. This is what I think Trump’s wife would be up to, if he were elected.

Haiti: The Duvalier Family

Cuba: Fidel and Raul Castro

Nicaragua: Anastasio Somoza Garcia and his family held power from 1937 to 1979

Argentina: The Perons, Juan, Eva, Juan again & his second wife. Thanks to Sanity Claws

If you think of any others, let me know and I will add them to the OP

Fcebook question...........

is there anyway to search for a certain post (it was posted to my timeline), by a friend. Which friend I do not remember. I know that it was between June 20 and July 6 of this year.

It is a recipe I want to make this Friday. What was posted was a video showing how to make it.

I've put numerous search criteria in Bin and I can't find it.

I knew something was wrong with this ad.....

here in Pennsylvania A Pac is running an anti-Clinton ad. It is a man identified as Max "Oz" Giest, former Marine. He is seen in a military cemetery and he talks about that he was at Benghazi and a lot of his friends didn't come back from there and won't be voting in November. There is a lot of emphasis on the cemetery. Other than it's an anti-Clinton ad, I didn't like the emphasis of showing the military cemetery, I just thought it was wrong.

Well apparently it is. See link

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