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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 4,033

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Just disallowed my 86 year old mom from reading a book.....

I download ebooks from the library onto a notebook, for my mom to read. She only likes the author Debbie Macomber, so that's all I download. I inadvertently downloaded a book by another author.

. I was looking over mom's shoulder when she started to read it. The first few sentences were "He took his tongue and encircled her nipple" along with other actions.

I said "No mom, let's find something else to read." Mom said "you'll delete it won't you." I told her yes I would. I'm not a prude & neither is mom. But it was a fun interaction with her.

For those right wing fanatics who are praising Britain's leaving the EU........

wait till you see what it will cost the United States.

It will no longer be able to go to the EU for loans. The US will end up lending them money. Whether it be for defense, food, clothing, etc. They will be at our doorstep.

I don't think that the Value Added Tax will be available to them. Employment opportunities will be limited to their borders, no longer will one of their citizens be able to move to another EU country for employment. As there will be limited opportunities available within its borders, unemployment will rise.

This move by its citizens take it from a world leader, to a country on the verge of social and economic collapse.

So to those who are praising this, if you are one who gets angry about US Federal spending, just wait to you see what this will cost us.

The Clash...............the question in England was answered

Does anyone else like polishing shoes?.....

Just polished a pair of my 86 year old mom's shoes. I used Kiwi polish from a can (parade black), used two coats and then shined them to a high gloss.

I love smelling the polish as it's used, covering the nicks and scratches. I think it reminds me of when I was young and Dad would polish our shoes once a week, usually on Sunday, before we went back to school.

I remember just watching him and how he could do 4 pair, lickety split. I just find it relaxing. I currently don't have any leather shoes, otherwise I'd be doing mine too.

why aren't I bein notified...........

I've been on 2 juries within the past 24 hours. I've received no email as to the result of the jury decision(s). Why not?


Me, my 86 year old mother & I had ........

a Penguin celebratory brunch with 3 friends. Our friends are 82, 81 and 80, I'm the youngest at 59. I know all of us are die hard Democrats. But our 80 year old friend has never really spoken politics. She's been widowed a little over a year and was taking care of her husband so I think a lot of her efforts were directed to that.

Today she told us she is totally afraid of Trump, she's waiting to hear sig heil at his rallies (she even gave the Nazi salute), she said he wants nothing but things to be his way & wants to know how stupid are the people who will vote for him.

This woman who is white and has a grandson married to an African-American woman, worries for their children, her great grand kids. The other 2 are a married couple, 2nd marriage for both. The woman's late daughter was gay. She cried when we talked about Orlando.

All of us are angry about Trump's treatment of the media & also the media's deference to Trump.

If these seniors "get" it, why don't more people?

Trump was in Pittsburgh today........

what an asshole. From what I saw on the news, he had nothing substantive to say (that's nomal). He did say that Steeler quarterback Ben Rothslisberger would be coming out with his endorsement for Trump.

Rothlisberger tweeted that he is an acquaintance of Trump's, he has golfed with him, but he will not attend the Republican convention nor will he endorse anyone.

Smart move for the QB, because his coach & his wife are hosting a fund raiser for Hillary this up coming Tuesday, and the owners of the Steelers endorsed Obama previously and one of them Dan Rooney was Ambassador to Ireland during Obama's first term.

Therapy question.......

I drive a psychologist to work. She's attending a conference today & tomorrow, so we've had a chance to talk. She had a question she couldn't quite get answered today. I told her I would ask here.

My passenger understands the need to not be in a relationship with her patients and has never done so. She has a patient who she has been seeing for quite some time. That patient is getting married, both she (patient) and her fiancÚ want my passenger to attend the wedding, but not have the patient end her therapeutic relationship. She has told them no, but the fiancÚ has stated "if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be marrying".

What do you think?

Post in the elevator

Posted in the elevator is a sign that reads:

Come join us for a happy hour celebration

posted right below it is the following:

died on Monday June 6, 2012

Don't get md at customer service rep.......

I called Verizon wireless because my bill was about $60 higher than usual. Got a convoluted answer, that it was a $20 reconnect fee x 3 lines. I've never had service suspended. The rep "researched" and found that the fee was assessed because I had made an arrangement to pay on the 28th of the month, but payment was actually made on the 30th, so it was an "assumption" fee. Verizon assumed they might have to suspend service.

I nicely said that was the stupidest thing I ever heard of. After a few minutes of the rep "talking" to his supervisor, the $60 was rescinded.

After all was said and done, the rep asked if there was anything else he could do for me. My answer was "join the Union."

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