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Profile Information

Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: usa
Current location: home
Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,570

Journal Archives

This is Bucky

https://imgur.com/a/rXWoVNH Bucky is a Pug/Boxer mix. I got this guy from the humane society about a year ago. He is now 6 years old. Methinks his previous owner was somewhat disabled or at least a senior citizen. In my current condition this guy keeps and eye on me all the time. Should I cough or make a moaning sound etc. He runs to me and puts his chin on my leg or the chair i am sitting in and looks intently into my eyes. I still haven't figured out how to post pictures directly to DU but at least i got the link to work.

Voters not politicians petitions

I have petitions, if you live in Michigan and are a a registered voter. Contact me or another member and sign one now. Thanks.

Looking for help in creating a gif

Went to a site and they asked me to upload files. I don't want to spend a lot of time doing this and then they say it's done pay us XXX dollars for your gif. Any and all help will be appreciated. thank you.

Excel question. How to lock a cell in a formula

I have done this many times in the past but don't remember how. ie =sum(b1:b500) what do i put in front of B1 to make it constant? Rather than going down a step when copying it down. ie =sum(b2:b501)

Damn, scroll on CNN says 22% of Dems excited about mid-terms

And 30 percent of repugs excited. Similar results for Presidential election.
Anyone have thoughts or suggestions for how we, as individuals can excite more Dems?

Been a member longer than my profile shows.

My computer crashed a few years after I first joined and eventually had to re-join. But that's not the point i am trying to post here. In the last primary for president I ended up getting put in DU jail. My term ran until the election was over. HOWEVER, This is the best site i have found ever. I am now passing out hearts, may be giving one or two to folks that helped put me in jail. Matters not, I know who i like reading here and know who gives sound advice. Have a few hearts left and am still looking for one or two members. Will surely find them before Valentines but happy DU Valentines to all ‼️

Rachel Maddow had clips of Nazis

staging a protest in Florida. I responded by making a donation to Michigan's Jewish Holocaust center. If you want to join in this here is a link. https://29862.blackbaudhosting.com/29862/DONATIONS or you could google your local organization and do the same.
PS. I am an atheist so, donating to a religious organization is not something i do under normal circumstances.

Believe i saw a cartoon here earlier today

Depicting a young girl in spelling bee spelling republican "hypocrites" looking for it to copy and paste. Help

why is cnn broadcasting McConnell's floor speech? eom

Got Scammed, details in message

Well friends, I got scammed yesterday or the day before. Got an email supposedly from Ace Hardware. Answer survey and get free gift. Did so and ordered free air purifier, shipping cost $7.Paid with Credit card. Today I get a charge of $49.95 on card. Seems i didn't read the fine print and accepting "free" gift put me on some kind of monthly payment program. With help from fraud alert I got it cleared and stopped the scam.
BEWARE my friends, beware!
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