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Profile Information

Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: usa
Current location: home
Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,571

Journal Archives

Update on Billboard project

May not be the final draft but getting close.

This board goes up in April or May to plant the seed.

In October This goes up

Original post

Still open for suggestions etc.

Looking for help/opinions political advertisement

I am considering putting up a bill board with something like this:
" Friends how would you like subsidized child care, elder care, affordable prescriptions and more? Hint, if you like these things, you have to vote for Democratic candidates!
Remember in November."
This board would go up late spring to be followed by October saying something along the lines of "did you remember? Child care Elder care, Prescriptions and more? Vote Democratic "

The expense for the billboard is my limit so I can't run this by focus groups. But I would appreciate your opinions on the statement and do you think it would be effective with undecideds?

Next question... what month would be best for first board?
Any and all replies will be appreciated.

If this comes to fruition, I will probably be running some kind of fund me program to assist in expenses. I have already received volunteers of financial support.

Looking on the bright side

Kellogs caved to the workers, unionized Starbucks in Buffalo New York, another killer cop is held responsible. I am starting to sense a change in direction . Hopefully this carries on to next election and we can save our country from the Fascist government the cult members are violently striving for.

A word regarding elections

Many here are explaining or suggesting reasons etc. for last night's loss in Virginia. I would suggest you all go back and look closely at the 2020 results. In doing so you will find the democratic party did not fare well. We beat trump but republicans won in down ticket races. Did Biden have no coattails? Nope it was just many former trump voters did not vote for president while still voting republican in all other spots.
Democrats must find a better way to message if we expect to avoid a massacre next year. For starters we can extoll the virtues of the build back better program and harp on the republicans for opposing it.
There, I feel a little better now. thanks for listening.

Denmark is beating Covid

"Denmark is beating Covid! Their death tolls per 1 million people are just 22 percent of the U.S's. The primary difference is trust. More than 90 percent of Danes trust their national health authorities and public decision makers. As a result, 86 percent of eligible Danes have been vaccinated. In the U.S. trust in expertise, government, the media, and institutions has collapsed. Vaccinations are lagging below 50 percent in many states and we may add another 100,000 deaths this fall and winter to our grim total of 675,000. The pandemic still casts a deep shadow over our lives. "
William Falk Editor-in-chief The Week magazine.

link if it works. regarding Texass and the supreme courts ignorance

This lady has it all correct. Instagram massage regarding the draconian law just passed in Texass and ignored by supreme court.


Note to Michigan voters

The party in control of our legislative branch is about to start a petition drive to restrict voting rights. If this gets enough signatures, they can bypass the governor and just make it a law. Please tell every one to avoid signing this petition. They are saying it is to protect voting security but it is in fact many restrictive measures . VNP is preparing to fight this drive. If you want to help please contact a member of VNP. Or send me a message.
Thank you

do we have to let the Republicans control this?

Don't know how to post this properly but it is a story from the Detroit Free Press concerning the rise in covid and governor Whitmer's difficulty in doing anything.


ok, how about this one (fox news)

My republican friend just told me Fox news had a headline saying "the Whitehouse is looking for a replacement for Harris."
IMHO they are just working on making Vice President Harris an evil person etc. I told her to remember anything you hear/see on fox, just the opposite is true.

Could be wrong, but I thought we were not going to mention the orange turd anymore

And yet this morning I see two posts concerning him. ???
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