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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,753

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We Democrats are

Realists -- my thinking is this -- every time someone calls us a socialist (or any one of their so called derogatory names that the R's will undoubtedly call us), we must come back to this "we are the Realist Party." We Democrats understand the truth, the facts, and the basic needs of all people. We will not hide who we are and what we stand for! You can label us to your liking but we will cover all of your futile name calling by repeating our positive message, and in doing so, we will be highlighting your lost sense of moral values!

Something to consider when we take control

of the house in January. Beginning immediately - each and every time that any Democrat has a plan, a proposal, an important announcement, or any other political issue or comment, we should call the media in to inform them of such - that, along with a Q & A session --- without informing Trump. Let's beat him at his own game by sucking some of the air out of the orange one.

The Pretender

as quiet stirs
morning readies
the Pretender
begins his day
with fervent thoughts
perhaps remorseful
made his move

sounds of clicking
escape the stillness
the Pretender frowns
aware of the big finale
instincts on high alert
fixated on retaliation
action is needed
…evaluate players
…divert attention
…now in position
…operation go

sounds of clicking
ends with anxiety
reluctantly hits send
the Pretender anticipates
but with unease
its intentional reaction
yet unknown
weary of the game
fearing the end is near
sits quietly
alone…in despair

Soft Weapons

Hateful words used as soft weapons
Barging in on society
Remorseless, unmerciful and hurtful
Deliberately chooses its targets
Anxiously moves in for the strike
Completes its calculated mission
Smugly waits for a reaction
Self-righteously claims victory
Thoroughly satisfied, energized
Readying for more
Circular by design
Contrived to offend
Hateful words by choice
Formulated to deceive
To which we are subjected
Civility losing to hate

About that soccer ball...

A triumphant Putin smirked as he handed the ball over to Trump and said, "now the ball is in your court." In other words - Mr. Trump, if you decide otherwise to not adhere to my "requests", I will have you by your balls. Понимаю?

Circular Hate

Trump feeds his cult a mess of hate
His cult eats it up
Trump feasts on his cults hate
Ergo, Trump feeds them a bigger mess

Mutually satisfied. They are co-dependent haters!


When we as nation willfully embrace ignorance as knowledge - when we are unable to ascertain the distinction between right and wrong - when we are unwilling to believe in science together with faith…what have we as humans become?

And here we are...

Malice and greed
Hate and division
Depraved indifference
…Not in America…
Must be elsewhere
...And yet…
Oligarchs never sated
Eagerly preying
Twisting decency
Altering morality
Realigning reality
…Intended objective…
Threatening populace
Bending facts
Weakening minds
Forcing isolation
Rendering Submission
…Achieving victory…


When demagogues seduce
And subterfuge is unnoticed
When experience is lacking
And deceit is established
When bigotry is fashionable
And hate becomes inspiring
When untruths are embraced
And secrets are treasured
When ignorance has pride
And rudeness is tolerable
When mocking is satisfying
And misogyny has approval
When lies are acceptable
And facts are fake
When fear exceeds hope
And light becomes dark
…what remains endurable


While out for the evening, enjoying their unalienable rights, a good time was being had by everyone….meanwhile, another person, who was enjoying his 2nd amendment right - decided that all of his victims had no rights.

How do we address our right for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" when the 2nd amendment is more powerful than our unalienable rights?
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