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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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While out for the evening, enjoying their unalienable rights, a good time was being had by everyone….meanwhile, another person, who was enjoying his 2nd amendment right - decided that all of his victims had no rights.

How do we address our right for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" when the 2nd amendment is more powerful than our unalienable rights?

Another day and

another mass killing by assault weapons. And yes, prayers are said yet again. We must ask ourselves, are our thoughts and prayers working? We can't ask the victims - they're dead. We need to talk to the victims families…of which there are many. Ask them whether all of our prayers worked in saving their loved ones life. Why wait? Really, why wait? Speak out. Do something.

And then there is this - why on God's green earth does a private citizen really "need" an assault weapon? Oh, I know, it's always the same damn thing --but-but it's their right. However, all those poor victims of that vicious murdering rampage had rights too…and their rights don't kill anyone! Their right was simply to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Tell me, how should one enjoy those rights if they are dead! Praying for them is not working! We need to do something . NOW!

Until racism and bigotry are recognized as an affront against humanity, our nation

will never move forward.

This weekends White Nationalist rally was an unforgiving and disgusting show of bigotry and self rightness. And so for those of you who sneak over here to take a peek at posts and comments on DU - and if you belong to the KKK, the White Supremacist, the Alt-Right and Nazi groups; I ask you this question. What are you afraid of? Talk to the rest of us - not at us, not against us. Step forward and offer workable solutions - face to face - not in riot gear, not holding hate signs. Be the hero, the better angel. Find a way to stop hating the "other". Use your Twitter and Facebook to encourage others of your mindset to stop the hate and to embrace everyone, just as you want to be embraced. Take a look at the people you are fighting - they are open and accepting of everyone - you included if you let them. Change every heart…every mind…you could start a movement, stop being afraid of change. You could be the hero.

As Trump continues to act

like a disgusting childlike imbecile, I'm curious as to what Trump supporters are thinking. Now then, for those people who still support him, I ask - what would you do if your child came home from school and told you about a teacher who ridiculed a disabled boy…or that a teacher cheered as a child was beaten…or a little girl was ridiculed by telling her that she wasn't pretty; and that she needed to go sit in the back of the classroom. How would a parent react hearing of this? Would they rally around the teacher in defense of those actions?
Common decency tells us to denounce bad behavior, moreover, it should never be accepted, by anyone, especially from the leader of the free world. The one person who should be setting the tone for civility - is not. We can not allow Trumps unseemly thuggish actions and words be normalized! Donald Trump is the PRESIDENT of the United States, and as such, should always be held accountable by all of us; but more than anyone, his base must begin to speak out against his childish nonsense. Simply put - he needs them - he just may listen.

How about this

Trump claims that the News Media is fake. Then logic would have it that Social Media is fake; and again with that logic...Social Media Tweets are then fake. Hence, Trumps Tweets are Fake Tweets.

Tirade tweets

Trump sends a tirade tweet…
Media responds to Trumps tirade tweet
Trump responds to media's response about his tirade tweet
Media sends Trump a tirade tweet, Trump responds to media's Trump tirade tweet
Result: Circular waste of time.

Lordy, Lordy, how does that little

weasel Sessions even do his job. Has no memory, no recollection, well maybe, but can't recall - maybe there's something, but not sure, probably could, just can't - don't ah, can't recall. Maybe. But - I do know one thing though…I'M NOT STONEWALLING!

I call him "Fake President" n/t

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