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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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When we as nation willfully embrace ignorance as knowledge - when we are unable to ascertain the distinction between right and wrong - when we are unwilling to believe in science together with faith…what have we as humans become?

And here we are...

Malice and greed
Hate and division
Depraved indifference
…Not in America…
Must be elsewhere
...And yet…
Oligarchs never sated
Eagerly preying
Twisting decency
Altering morality
Realigning reality
…Intended objective…
Threatening populace
Bending facts
Weakening minds
Forcing isolation
Rendering Submission
…Achieving victory…


When demagogues seduce
And subterfuge is unnoticed
When experience is lacking
And deceit is established
When bigotry is fashionable
And hate becomes inspiring
When untruths are embraced
And secrets are treasured
When ignorance has pride
And rudeness is tolerable
When mocking is satisfying
And misogyny has approval
When lies are acceptable
And facts are fake
When fear exceeds hope
And light becomes dark
…what remains endurable
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