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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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Dear Leaker, if you're on DU, the time

has come to leak the full report, NOW - BEFORE Barr has his press briefing in the morning.

A backroom plan...

In my desperate attempt to understand the noteworthy connection between Mueller, Rosenstein, and Barr, I have this persistent niggling in the back of my mind. Because, as I listen to these three men agreeing with each other, it's leaving me with the impression of an intentional unity. Come on - what are the odds that all 3 would use the same talking points - unless of course that is part of a bigger long range plan. This so called allegiance to Trump may be a planned "stall" tactic. Could they be placating Trump … leading him to believe that he is in the clear… keeping him under the radar while they continue to investigate.

We know that there are many more to testify. We know about Mueller's mystery investigation. We know that there are ongoing investigations into Trump's businesses. We know there are multiple lawsuits against Trump. We know that everything Trump has been involved with stinks! We know he does NOT want his tax returns to see the light of day! We know he creates diversions every day. We know he is constantly projecting. We know he is a liar. We know he is becoming more and more unhinged. In the meantime, it's what we don't know that's so frustrating.

My hope is that Mueller has got this.
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