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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,753

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I'm looking forward to the Biden/Harris Inauguration. I think not

revealing the details of the ceremony leaves much to the imagination in a wondrous and exciting way. We will finally have a President who has the moral qualities to lead us out of the Trump Storm that we've suffered through! I think we will begin to relax and have hope again. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to Mr. Trump's psychological breakdown once Biden is sworn in … my imagination doesn't include the worst of the worst this evil man could cause!

Would it be good idea for those who are in credit card debt because of

the pandemic - at no fault of their own, be granted a much lower bank interest rate, say for 2 or 3 years. We know the virus will be with us for a year, and probably longer, this would ease some of the burden that many will be facing for a long period of time.

Dear Maga Lurkers - How much money is it worth to you to pay for

another man's pleasure? Is it about your money or your pride, or am I on to something bigger. What are you thinking now that your Dear Leader has stuck his d**k in the fan and is still screwing you over big boy time. It's crunch time for all of you maga peeps - his needs are becoming harder and harder … and he is coming after you for his fix. You're his whores, your butt should be in a bit of a pinch about now. Enjoy the ride. That is all.

Dear Trump Voters, I'm back again! This is a day, of the many

days to come that I am going to pity you for your hard fought loss. Once again, your repeated and stupid efforts in keeping your Dear Leader in office has fallen into the dustbin of history. He has knowingly bilked every ounce of money and devotion from you. And by golly, because of your hard core love for him - you willingly gave him exactly that. You're allowing him to experience his needy thrill by taking advantage of you - just for his maniacal self interests. He uses you like an addict uses drugs. He has effectively completed his task of brainwashing you into obeying whatever bullshit he throws at you. And by the way, any other reasonable person would know in an instant how that wouldn't pass the smell test. You have lost every one of your hair-brained plots for keeping your Dear Leader in power.

Even today, you probably don't know you are a member of a Cult, but that is how the rest of see you. The thing is, you were probably not this stupid four years ago, but you wouldn't know that because those who are this stupid don't know they're stupid. Moreover, the reason we normal people see you as a member of a Cult is simple - you all gather together to plan, perform, and execute whatever your Dear Leader Tweets in reference to what your next assignment will be. And so, with great pleasure you patiently wait for his order.

Add to all this craziness - what we normal people see, with each and every one of you combined, is a foolish horde - because being a member of a Cult is like swimming in mud, you always lose. When you wake up tomorrow morning and see in the mirror a face that doesn't look like you did four years ago, well - you may need clearer glasses. But what normal people see and hear from you is the same pathetic loser face.

And so here you are today, the biggest losers of all time. Your downfall must be rubbing up against your ego so fast you are burning what’s left of your so called cleverness! Of all the stories that will be written about you in the future, the one that gave you that final gut punch is that our US Supreme Court put the kibosh on your stupid, idiotic and selfish plans of overturning the election of President Elect Joe Biden.

Now for me to say that I pity you is just too kind a word - so from this day on, I'm calling you all losers.

Dear Trump Voter, In this time of your loss I felt I had to

reach out to you. I know this is a difficult time for you. Your president has had an embarrassing loss. Simply put, he is "a loser." You are saddened. It's as if you have been gut punched. You couldn't understand why so many people were breathing a sigh of relief and were dancing and singing in the streets all across the nation. Worse yet, people everywhere in the world were cheering his loss. And so I understand how angry and disappointed you are, your leader is "a loser." That must be incredibly distressing for you. You love him … you still love him, he is everything you are and have always been.

Even as he can no longer serve as your President you need to cling to the notion that somehow he must have won the election. Most important to you though, is that you remain a supporter - because if you admit to yourself that he is using you for his own selfish needs then obviously you would be like him … a loser. And since you don't want to be labeled a loser, you are proudly donating to a man who is the most egregious and selfish person that has ever served as the US President. He is, again, taking advantage of you personally and financially.

However, you hope, against all odds, he will overturn this election - therefore you would again be part of something bigger than yourself. But that is not what he wants from you. He doesn't care about you - let me repeat that - he does not care about anyone other than himself. When he finally accepts that he is no longer President he will begin to devise another scheme, a scheme where he will once again use you. Now, because you think he will never lie to you, even though he has told the American people over 20,000 lies, you will still believe in him. He will carry on with this strategy and you will believe he is doing this for you. So for that reason alone you will continue to donate your hard earned money to prop up another one of his schemes - telling you he will run again to be your President; in which he won't really run. So remember this - he is using you for his personal financial gain, not to be your president. Is this what you imagined in the beginning of the Trump Reality Show? That you have become the star of the "Biggest Loser."

When and What will Delusional Donnie Tweet about his latest smarmy acts.

Preparations need to be made now for when the COVID vaccine becomes

available, and to begin the set up for portable freezer units for every state all across the nation. Their location should be near or on site of city hospitals, as needed, and where the vaccine would be continually in stock for immediate use. Also, have refrigerated trucks at the ready for pick up and delivery to transport the vaccines to other smaller hospitals/clinics. Having said that- I'm assuming Biden has a plan … but I wonder how he will deal with the massive funding without congress.

Hey everyone, you too media, look over here, wait - look here too. Makes me wonder

what illegal monkey business is going on behind the scenes!

I want to be Pence's fly on the wall to

witness the intervention between Trump and his crime family. How does one explain a truth to a man who refuses to listen, let alone understand the consequences of his actions - or his inactions.

What would be a great way for the nation to celebrate Joe's win? Ideas anyone......

Mine is this: All across the nation have people of every large city Biden won, celebrate by having cheering crowds, all carrying helium balloons, and at the moment Biden finishes his inauguration speech - every person releases their balloon in unison. Red, White and Blue Balloons all over the nation!
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