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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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Oh Say Can You See, All The Flags Blowin' In The Breeze, at Trump's Rallies -

cult MAGA hats, all glaring red in the crowd - showing their support, oh so proud - breathing in and out - without a doubt - spreading their shit - not caring a bit - but loving their lord and master - sure is a disaster - which doesn't matter - as it's all wasted chatter - so keep on dumbing - 'cause your day is coming!

I just found this political website called newsbreak. Some of you may already know about

it, but If not I find that it's very informative and up to date. You can also enter your zip code and read about your local news.


History is fixed and can not be undone. History is not circular. It is a continuum of the

distant past as well as the recent past. Whatever achievements, mistakes, or regrets that were made throughout our history, we must remember that most were done in good faith. Granted, history can't be erased, however, by admitting our failures and our misjudgments we can ease our burden of not understanding the moments of our time. And so along the way, history yet again, will provide us with another opportunity to right the wrongs of the past. Even as we cannot change the past we must use our history as a conduit for improvement. We can build on what has always been with us and for us, the good of the community. This effort for change can not be stopped and should not be stopped. For the majority of us, the needs of our people are greater than ourselves.

For the future of our country, what is needed at this moment in time is an understanding that the two parties should not pit one against the other; there have always been circular arguments over ideas and beliefs that each of us has in one way or another. Those ideas and beliefs are an understanding of what is known to each of us individually, furthermore, being of different mind does not make anyone better or worse than the other. We have a two party system, and while the contention between parties is not new, each side does have the guaranteed right to have their voices heard, just as it should be. Our forefathers made clear that the differences were to be worked out by civilized men with character and wisdom. That is what a democracy represents, freedom just as the preamble to the Constitution states for one and for all.

We as a collective people can use today's growing pains as an initiative for the betterment of our country, our society, and our Government. Those responsibilities have always been in our hands. Ultimately, we are the makers of change. This election is not just about me, nor is it just about you, this is for the future of our children and our grandchildren. There are a myriad of us who seek to seize the moment to improve what our forefathers intended; a society that is well organized with equality and for the well being for all its people. To Quote Joe "We The People."

One person has an average of 15 extended family members. There are 210,000 people that

have died from Covid, which means that the total number of family members who have lost a loved one from Covid is 3,150,000. They are still grieving, and just today Trump is telling us, "Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life." This man is an ungodly man; he does not have a soul. We must hold him accountable for all those families who have lost a loved one. The only way that will happen is for us to vote like our lives and our families lives depend on it, because it does.

I don't know about anyone else here on DU, but

I was totally overwhelmed with all the drama that cascaded from yesterday's episode of "A Failed Presidency." However, I am anxiously awaiting for the bigly final episode. Now that will be an incredible show of all shows!

Trump is -- Jack, in The Lord Of The Flies.

So... Trump had a drive by mini rally today, he heard the cheers and saw

his maga's waving - I'm hoping that will be his very last rally, one way or another.

Can someone have such a disturbing character that he

could become a psychological terrorist. I think we are all feeling threatened by this President/Terrorist.

I wrote this during the debate Tuesday evening. It took me about

3 minutes to write it ... but that was what I was sensing at the time.

President It

Dark, within It
Unknown, foreboding
It trudges along
Eyes wide open
But not willing to look
It's right before It
It's always there
The Dark
There are no smiles
Even along the way
It doesn't notice
A blooming flower
A doggie playing
An adorable baby
A sunrise, a sunset
Each day, the same
The Dark
It lives within itself
How will It end
Will there be light
No, it can't be
It's always the dark
The dark will follow It
No escape
That's all there is
Dark within It

Well I guess that ignorance isn't so bliss anymore. Had their Dear Leader been

truthful about the deadly virus and how it spreads, some of those ignorant people and their families would still be with us. Now that the reality of it all has hit them where it hurts, will they now believe the Scientists and the Doctors and change their ways - for everyone's benefit!
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