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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,753

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From this day forward I'll be calling Trump's Tweets, Presidential Memo's. The

importance of any written political pronouncement, including tweets, shall be considered official writings of historical value.

My time for pondering while feeling alone.


When demagogues seduce
And subterfuge is ignored
When deceit is established
And character is exposed
When bigotry is fashionable
And hate becomes inspiring
When censorship is convenient
And vengeance is treasured
When ignorance has pride
And experience is deplored
When disrespect is tolerable
And rudeness is pleasing
When mocking is satisfying
And misogyny has approval
When propaganda is rampant
And falsehoods are believed
When greed is embraced
And selfishness is transparent
When lies are acceptable
And facts are fake
When fear exceeds hope
And light becomes dark
…What Remains

I have a serious question. If Trump refuses to leave the White House when

Biden wins, can President Biden use an executive order to remove him?

How to put an end to the Trumpocratic Party. VOTE! Our lives depend on that one

single thing that we can do for each other. This is about everyone of us, no exceptions, no excuses.
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