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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
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Pondering ... I wrote this in 2019 ...


When demagogues seduce
And subterfuge is ignored
When deceit is established
And character is exposed
When bigotry is fashionable
And hate becomes inspiring
When censorship is convenient
And vengeance is treasured
When ignorance has pride
And experience is deplored
When disrespect is tolerable
And rudeness is pleasing
When mocking is satisfying
And misogyny has approval
When propaganda is rampant
And falsehoods are believed
When greed is embraced
And selfishness is transparent
When lies are acceptable
And facts are fake
When fear exceeds hope
And light becomes dark
…What Remains
I guess we found out, didn't we.

Why are Maga's so angry in regards to the outcome of the Presidential

election ... the polls all said that Biden was ahead - Biden, 52 ... Trump, 44 ... so why do they believe otherwise? The media keeps saying that "Trumpers" don't believe that Biden won because it was rigged; so why doesn't the media show, again and again, the polls prior to the election, it might help quell some of their irrational thinking.


As I watched, in real time, a violent gang of homegrown

terrorist's take over the US Capital, threatening our congress men and women and causing enormous damage, I was horrified! Those hateful racists who think of themselves as superior to people of color, who are indeed proud of their whiteness, chose that day to expose their faces for all to see. They were so proud and loud that they didn't even have to put on their white hoods. So those hateful bastards showed us didn't they - how much "better" they are than people of color. I witnessed each one of them behaving in a way that no black or brown person I know would ever think of acting out such disgusting deeds.

I have a very serious question that I'm sure someone on DU will

have the answer. I know the President has the power to deploy the US military in such matters as insurrection or civil disobedience but if the President is unable, (for any reason), shouldn't that responsibility automatically be given to the Vice President?

We Dems should send Trump a box of lemons with a note attached that

says: President Trump, your cult followers bought a lemon that was old, rusty, and broken. They tried to keep you running, but you ran out of fuel and just couldn't be fixed. Off you go to the scrap pile - may you continue to rust in peace.
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